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PESA ECMTADSR’s getting you down?

Don’t know what to do about the eBay Star ratings, having trouble figuring out the whole new concept eBay is promoting as the “Buyer Experience”? Trouble with Best Match?

You are not Alone!

eBay has initiated numerous radical changes in the last several months and you are not the only one trying to keep up! The good people at PESA and ECMTA (Professional eBay Sellers Alliance and E Commerce Merchants Trade Association) discuss matters like this with the members of the two associations on a regular basis. They figure that many members trying to find a clear path forward is more productive than one eBay seller trying to do it on their own.

Both organizations will be holding a joint conference call to discuss the eBay Detailed Seller Ratings – DSR’s – and how to improve them.

This call will be open to not just the paid membership, anyone can join in on this call!

Tomorrow at 5 Pm Eastern and 2PM Pacific

This open conference call will be available to anyone using the special access code listed below.

This access code has been offered to readers of the Trading Assistant Journal and listeners of the eBay & Beyond Internet Radio show by special arrangement.

If you have been trying to figure out what to do to bring up your DSR’s, if you can not make sense of best match, if your wondering where your Powerseller discount is… this may be a great opportunity to learn from sellers like you.

Compare notes, share ideas, join the conversation!

The wisdom of joining a trade association has never been a question. Simply finding the right trade association for you may have been the only thing holding you back. Up until NOW – Why not take a test drive of two great organizations in one phone call? Call in and get a feel for the members of PESA and ECMTA… You may be glad you did!

BTW – if you can’t call in on the telephone line, try listening in on Dave White’s eBay & Beyond Basics to Business live streaming audio feed at the same time. Just follow this link eBay & Beyond eBay & Beyond



PESA / ECMTA Conference Call – Improving your eBay DSR’s

PeSA Professional eBay Sellers Alliance – 4/10/2008
PESA / ECMTA Best Practice Round Table Conference Call – Improving your eBay DSR’sWith the recent changes and the new importance of maintaining your eBay DSR (Detailed Seller Rating) scores to receive a higher placement in search as well as the PowerSeller discounts, I am pleased to announce the next call in our series will be on the very important topic of best practices used to manage and improve your DSR’s on eBay. Please join us as we discuss tips, strategies, and best practices we have learned that are focused on achieving high DSR scores for your eBay business.Who Should Attend: Professional eBay sellers who are interested in building a better eBay one sale at a time. This call is open to everyone (PESA members and non-PESA members) as we share what is working and what is not working.

When: Thursday 4/10/08 2:00 PM PST (eBay time), 5:00 EST

Where: The PESA / ECMTA phone conference system

How: Dial 1.404.920.6689

access code 497437#

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