eBay competition springs like weeds – 7 day shelf life good for search?

eBay InkOnce again, I was reading eBay Ink (the comments section) and the comments have been keen and well delivered. I started to reply with a comment, but it turned into a blog post…thus I felt placing it here more appropriate.

eBay & Competition & Search

With the spring, like weeds across the fields of Ethernet-connected computers, comes new competition for eBay. I can not count the number of email alerts and direct introductions I get from “new and exciting” online sales portals.  Amazon, Google, Newegg, Abe’s Books, Overstock, Online Auctions, Etsy and more…

It used to be that no competitor would waste time trying to chisel into eBays core customer base.   Now they can’t build the online portals and tools fast enough. These competitors formerly would not spend the time or development money creating ways for independent sellers to use their services unless they saw a real need.

eBay should be seeing the same possibilities for losing its core customers (sellers) to these other services, no matter how small they may appear now.

The facts used to be that eBay had the best and easiest to use tool available to sell products online…that fact is now part of history.

The eBay focus on search and the buzzword terminologies regarding search has been put in place for a reason. eBay knows that buyers no longer come directly to any site to find the products they want. Buyers now simply use Search (or a search engine), usually from the main Google search box, to find what they want to buy online.

Placing your products on a portal with only a 7 day shelf life disadvantages those products when it comes to buyers finding them via search.

When items are listed in the “core” of eBay, there is precious little time for the products to be found by outside search engines. When eBay was the primary destination where shoppers went to find items, this feature assured eBay’s dominance in the marketplace.

The online shopping world is changing however, and people no longer look towards a destination first.  Now they simply look for what they want in a search engine box. They then evaluate the data and select the item they were looking for in the first place, no matter where they find it. eBay must be seeing the light when it comes to search and I would wager they are thinking they need to make drastic changes to retain the traffic they have enjoyed until now.

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  1. Scott Pooler April 8, 2008 at 8:22 am #

    I tried to post the following comment on eBay Ink and somehow it was not processed for public viewing…
    Could have been a glitch in WordPress I suppose?

    “I must say I am finding the comments posted here to be very well thought out and “on point”. We are all attempting to find our way through these changing times as is, I think – eBay itself.

    I found myself writing a comment here this morning but felt it was too long winded for this forum so I posted it on my own blog.


    It seems to me that eBay has a vast array of data collection capabilities. They must know something is changing the landscape of online marketing and sales. I think they are trying to find a way to keep ahead of the curve, but they do not want to share their reasons or methods. (Not uncommon in big business).

    Search is easier and more often used by casual buyers. Destination portals are not as important as they once were. Competition is more prevalent than ever and eBay knows they are at a crossroads.

    Lets all hope they choose the best path ahead for all concerned. “

  2. Scott Pooler April 8, 2008 at 10:12 am #

    Just a quick note – the glitch at eBay Ink preventing my comments seems to have been resolved. If my email to Usher Lieberman had anything to do with resolving this problem, Thanks again Usher!

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