RocketPlace 2008 A great eBay Education Event

RocketPlace 2008 at Disney (Formerly TAWC – The As Was Conference) ended with a real bang! Rocketplace

Jay Berkowitz of The Ten Golden Rules podcast and his Internet marketing consulting firm in Boca Raton, Florida simply wowed everyone with his keynote speech. As you may, or may not be aware, Jay is an expert on emerging Web 2.0 and Web 3.D marketing techniques. The Ten Golden Rules Podcast is consistently one of the highest rated Internet marketing podcasts offered on iTunes.

Jay delivers with a style & smooth pace one actually has to see and experience to get the full effect of his message. (The information exchange is unrelenting yet easy to absorb.) And that message is – if you think you have a grip on the Internet, because you sell on eBay, you better take another look around. Mr. Berkowitz certainly did not position himself with that type of message, but to anyone listening and understanding what he is trying to relate, the message is just as clear. We all need to get outside of the box in the eBay world and look at what is actually going on with the internet. Web 2.0 is quickly being over taken by Web 3.D and the interactive technologies of the future which are actually available to all of us today.

Virtual worlds like Second Life and Club Penguin are just a glimpse into the future of the virtual worlds emerging on Internet. Jay predicted that in a very short time we will all have the ability to stand behind virtual counters in virtual stores on in virtual worlds and sell real products to real people being represented by virtual avatars but using real credit cards.

This prospect may seem fantastical but at the RocketPlace conference we witnessed the vision in action when Jay showed us a screen shot sequence of a virtual store his marketing company helped build for his client, Annie’s Costumes. The store sold virtual costumes to real people in Second Life represented by avatars, just this last October. The opening night party was sold out and could not accomodate any more virtual customers.

We would not want to lead anyone into thinking Second Life would be a great place for consignment sales. But all in all you must be aware of the possibilities which may be presented in the future. People spend real money on virtual lives and they do so willingly and with a certain amount of fervor. (Over one Million Dollars exchanged hands last year in Second Life). Maybe we as real time merchants should take notice of these merging trends and be aware that the ways we have sold in the past may be just that, the past… Everything changes in time, if you are to survive and prosper, you should always have your eyes open to what is on the horizon.

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