Product Sourcing Pitfalls and Opportunities – Where to find Wholesale Goods

Sourcing Discount Brand Name Bargains

Most people are aware of the fact that brand name items typically get three times more traffic than non-brand items on eBay. But what many don’t realize is just how difficult it can be to source genuine brand names wholesale. Sadly, it’s fairly common these days for sellers to be duped into buying what they think is a genuine product, only to get their account suspended when someone realizes the items are fakes and turns them into eBay.

So what can sellers do to ensure that they don’t get themselves into a position where their very livelihood is at stake?

SaleHoo logoSaleHoo product sourcing directory contains wholesalers carrying brand names that have been thoroughly authenticated by the SaleHoo staff. Every supplier listed as carrying a brand name is guaranteed to do so and choosing to buy from these wholesalers is one way that sellers can guarantee the genuine article and peace of mind.

Also, SaleHoo contains a number of liquidators and overstock suppliers and they believe this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for sellers to get hold of genuine brand name stock. Liquidation can occur for a variety of reasons: end of season, end of line, returns, shelf-pulls, damaged or broken items, bankruptcy, or simply because the company is moving premises and it is cheaper to liquidate than to transport stock over. While this means not every item liquidated is in perfect condition (and sometimes not even in saleable condition), it does allow seller to pick up designer bargains at up to 80%-90% below the retail price. This is a huge advantage, particularly for sellers competing in categories such as Electronics and Clothing.

Buying liquidation usually involves buying by the pallet load, which means a typical expenditure of between $500-$5,000, depending on the merchandise. However, as long as the quality of the merchandise is good (and SaleHoo warns it is critical to inspect or thoroughly check the inventory list before you buy), you can usually make back at least double the amount you spend, according to eBay expert Simon Slade.

Liquidation shouldn’t be your one and only product source as you can’t rely on it for long-term guaranteed supply, says Slade. One week you might pick up a good deal on Nikes, another week you might get some women’s shoes from Macy’s. But it is a great way to supplement your inventory and the simplest and safest way of getting hold of designer brand bargains.

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  1. tiphut September 29, 2008 at 1:04 pm #

    Salehoo isn’t that hot these days. They’re just another middle man and after a brief look at their directory, ebay prices are far lower than 99.9% of their products and competition is just too high.

    Try trade shows for areas of interest you into. Find the biggest one annually and go. Spend all day collecting cards, getting on their email list. This will outdo ANY and I mean ANY list or membership crap you see on-line.

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