New Trading Assistant Directory – Listing Promotes NOT using a Trading Assistant

I found the listing below (in italics) in the “New” TA Directory this morning.  I was looking at whom in my area had signed up for the new directory with an eye to see if any of my former local colleagues in the industry had joined up. If they had, I was going to stop in or call and see if they were getting any leads from the new system.

The first listing in my area (Largo, Florida) I came across had the following information listed as the description of services (Please note, this name is not listed as an education specialist).

Have a lot of stuff to sell and want to keep ALL the money for it rather than pay an eBay reseller a high commission?  Contact me and I will teach you how to sell on eBay right in your own home (Tampa Bay area only).  I have already done this successfully with several eBay members who are now selling on their own.  I will show you all the standard eBay listing techniques, walking you through it step by step, and show you how to avoid costly errors made by most beginning sellers. I will make sure you can sell on eBay, including PayPal setup if necessary, and show you how to ship items as well.  After the 3 hour session you will receive from me an email including notes on how to sell on eBay as well as specific advice and reminders especially for you.  I have had students who have attended seminars and read books on how to sell on eBay who have said they have benefitted more from my individual consultations and custom-written advice.


I charge a flat fee of $100 for me to come to your house and spend 3 hours setting everything up for you, and listing your items while you watch me, then I watch you while you list your items.  In many cases, the items that sell will pay the $100 back to you and start you on your road to self-reliance as an eBay seller.

Kinda makes me feel all wondrous inside when I see that I am not competing head to head with a service like that listed in the TA directory.  (Since I have opted out of the program myself).  Nothing against being an Education Specialist (I am one) but to list TA services in this manner in the TA directory is not good business sense.  I am surprised eBay did not screen this.  (or am I)?
Anyway, cheers… Just thought all of you might want to look at what your local competition is placing in the TA directory.  It could be less than beneficial for all TA’s in your area.

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