Trading Assistant Journal Included In Top 11 eBay Information Sites List-Honorable Mention on "Ask Owlbert"

Owlbert LogoBarbara Lang’s Blog – Ask Owlbert
Included the Trading Assistant Journal as a top eBay topic blog.

We thank Barbara for including us in the list with the likes of Ina Steiner, Skip McGrath, and our friends at Lizard Wisdom and Auction Rebel.

You can read the entire article at the following URL: Make Money on eBay? Check out these 11 super blogs

This is a sample of the 11 eBay blogs listed by “Owlbert”

There are many blogs out there geared towards successful selling on eBay. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • eBay Strategies– eBay news analysis. Author of the book eBay Strategies. Sample post – Major bummer for the eBay seller community (filed under eBay Brain Drain).
  • Dan Wilson – eBay expert. Freelance consultant and writer specialising in online communities, ecommerce, eBay in particular and the internet in general. Sample post – eBay Tips 2008 – are you ready? Partnered with Tamebay.
  • Tamebay – Written by two British Powersellers. Sample post – eBay PR clarifies blogger’s statement.
  • AuctionBytes – Awesome is the only word I have for this one. It is one of the longest running sites on eBay on the Internet. Sample post – eBay Glitch Undercharges Buyers for Shipping.
  • Only eBay – eBay business analysis. Sample post – EBAY to Launch New Blog Called EBAY Ink
  • Jim Cockrum eBay. Hugely successful eBay seller who wrote Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay. The man knows eBay indeed. Sample post – Ebay boycott from a different perspective
  • Sydney Johnston. Author of the Site Sell eBay book. Sample post – Save Money on eBay?
  • Lizard Wisdom – Written by eBay powersellers to give back to the eBay community. Sample post – eBay Desktop 1.0 Released
  • Auction Rebel– ” the blog meant to help serious sellers increase their income from eBay.” Delivers on the promise. Sample post – Disassembling Old Magazines To Sell On eBay – A Mini Case Study

While the above certainly are not a comprehensive list, they’ll get you off on the right start if you are interested in making money on eBay. What I’d recommend is to create an eBay folder in your newsreader and add the 11 feeds above to it. You will then have the current information always at your fingertips.

Thank You Very Much!


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