Sellers with the lowest detailed seller ratings will be ranked lower

Anyone else get this nice little message tonight?
Please keep in mind that we have 100% feedback and DSR’s of 4.5 and higher (the 4.5 is shipping)…


Beginning March 3, Best Match will become the default sort in search and browse results. Sellers with the lowest detailed seller ratings for shipping costs over the past 30 days will be ranked lower in Best Match results. Your current rating is below the threshold and, because we value your business, we want to help you raise your ranking.

Here are some tips to start improving your ranking now:

Include actual shipping costs directly in your listing with a shipping calculator. We do this
Offer discounted and combined shipping for multiple item orders. We do this
Itemize costs in your listing (handling, insurance, etc.) so there are no surprises. Setting expectations goes a long, long way. We use the calculator and add $1.50 per package.
Be sure to specify all costs related to international shipping (including any customs charges, taxes, and duties). Are you kidding – for 125 countries?
Offer multiple options to let buyers choose between speed and cost. We do this
Take advantage of carrier discounts and pass the savings on to your buyers. We do this.
Communicate throughout the transaction and provide tracking information. We do this
Get more great tips for improving and keeping your DSRs high. For more information on Best Match, please see the latest announcement and Frequently Asked Questions for details.

We do all of these things they suggest already and we only charge $1.50 per package as a handling charge. They did not mention that we should bribe our customers to rate us higher than eBay tells them to rate us…

Does anyone else find this situation to be just a bit less than customer friendly?

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7 Responses to Sellers with the lowest detailed seller ratings will be ranked lower

  1. WeSellit4u March 4, 2008 at 8:03 pm #

    DSR’s of 4.5 and higher (the 4.5 is shipping)… and eBAY knows and is using this as their lowest benchmark to NOT give PowerSellers the 15% Discount. eBAY’s answer is to give FREE SHIPPING to Buyers… to get this DSR up.

    I don’t know about you all… but FREE Shipping + HIGHER eBAY FVF’s and Higher 30-Day Store FVF’s = much Lower Profits for eBAY Sellers!

  2. Michael W. Mills March 6, 2008 at 7:53 pm #

    When eBay buyers rate a seller on Shipping and Handling charges, they are not actually rating the charges, and eBay’s suggestions don’t address this. While following eBay’s best practices for shipping are good thing, they won’t necessarily ensure a 5 star rating. Neither will Free Shipping. What buyers are rating is the overall Perception the have of the experience when opening the package. If the items comes in ratty re-used packaging, with the address handwritten and the postage amount visibly less than was charged, no packing slip or other inserts, and poor packing, (crumple newspaper, used plastic bags), buyers are more likely to leave a lower score than if it comes in new or clean sturdy packaging with a professional looking printed label with electronic postage (no value showing), a detailed packing slip, other marketing inserts (promotional flyer, business cards, magnets, etc.), professional looking packing with clean paper, bubble wrap and/or peanuts. And yes, eBay does not mention it but a bribe is helpful. mine is a Tootsie Pop attached to a handwritten thank you note. It costs less than 15 cents.

    Have Fun!

  3. Scott March 7, 2008 at 12:27 am #

    Thanks for the tips Mike. I am sure some eBay sellers could take away some great ideas from your well written comment. We ship in pristine new boxes with Airspeed bags or peanuts or bubble wrap – or a combination of the above if required. All shipments are delivered with a packing slip, printed label and thank you. We omit the candy. You know, I never received any candy from or Amazon and I would hesitate to eat any sweets sent to me from an eBay seller. Unless the seller was a confectionery shop. I think if we stick to business and do what we promise to do, deliver the product or service is a business like manner, we should not be held to a higher standard than the postal or shipping service we use for the delivery. Shipping DSRs are completely out of a sellers control. And telling the buyer a rating of 4 is performance “as expected” and then penalizing sellers if they do not exceed that number is not honest business. We must be perfect yet our buyers do know perfection is the yardstick.

  4. Todd March 26, 2008 at 11:57 pm #

    As a platinum power seller with a 3500+ feedback and over 305 DSR ratings at average of 4.8 to 4.9 overall, I just found out that my DSR for shipping cost is 4.7 for the past 30 days and eBay only uses the last 30 days average. No 15%discount for me. Did I mention I loose money on shipping every month because my shipping cost to the buyer is below the actual cost?? What a joke. The 15% discount is a carrot that is unobtainable.
    eBay is using the DSR 30 day average to their advantage. Using the 30 day average means one buyer each month can cut your “savings” by 66%. Not fair eBay.

  5. DelectablyYoursDecor April 19, 2008 at 1:26 pm #

    Is eBay’s seller rating platform designed so that buyer’s can determine which seller’s deliver the best buying experience or to boost eBay’s profit margins?

    My DelectablyYoursDecor DSR’s Are:

    Item as described – 4.8

    Communication – 4.8

    Shipping time – 4.6

    Shipping and handling charges – 4.7

    delectablyyoursdecor ( 1159 )

    PowerSeller discount Full Seller Dashboard coming soon.

    Check below to see if you are meeting discount requirements

    eBay uses the criteria below to determine the discount on your next invoice. Your discount is calculated a few days

    before your invoice is issued. Click the drop-down menu to view requirements for each available discount tier.

    You did not earn a PowerSeller discount

    For the invoice dated below, you did not meet the requirements for a

    discount off Final Value Fees.

    We calculated your discount on 03/26/08.

    You did not meet these requirements:

    * Your 4.3 shipping time rating did not meet the 4.6 minimum.

    How odd, anyone reviewing my feedback score and DSR rating can see my page shows my score at 4.6 for shipping time frame. I haven’t sold anything, shipped anything, nor have I received any new feedback. How did the score lower to 4.3 only on the day fee invoices were calculated?

    Why does eBay rate a seller’s communication score with a buyer based on a repeatedly known to fail email forwarding system?

    Why doesn’t eBay post an announcement when their email system isn’t working properly?

    Why doesn’t eBay correct the problem with their email system is not forwarding?

    Why does eBay use 3rd party shipping charges in computing a seller’s score?

    Why did eBay set the bar for seller’s DSR ratings by buyers so high at a 90 to 96% way above the national major retail chain store average of 80%?

    Could the answers are all the same?

    Lower Seller DSR Ratings = Higher Fees = Greater Revenue and Profits for eBay

  6. Bob R May 1, 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    I had not done any eBay selling for several years, and decided at the beginning of the year that I would start again in April. So I plunged right in, just to meet my deadline and did not bother looking at all the recent changes.

    So now I am shocked and dismayed, as I finally get some DSRs. In order to get things moving, I have been shipping at or below cost. I’ve been mailing some things priority and not charging for it. I’ve been mailing some things out before getting paid, the rest gets mailed the same or next day that is was paid for.

    All my listings have shipping fees fixed or calculated and I discount for multiple purchases.

    Everything is shipped in clean new packages with packing slip and printed labels.

    But I do not have perfect DSRs because the system is flawed. As a buyer, I’ve been annoyed by sellers that charge excess shipping in order to avoid eBay fees or to scrounge extra profits. But the DSR system does not report that. A buyer in the end wil downrate you on shipping if they paid $5 to ship a $1 item, even if the shipping cost is $5 and even though the shipping was clearly marked on the auction.

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