Real Estate eBay Store Created by DesignLogic for Watson Realty

eBay Stores are well known in the world of Internet commerce.  Many believe the inexpensive eBay feature known as an eBay Store is the key to drawing traffic to any eCommerce website. The positive effect of a well designed and stocked eBay stores website is well documented. 

Selling Real Estate on eBay has also been proven successful and is effective as a lead  and sales generation tool.  Therefore it seems quite interesting, almost unbelievable, that these two powerful eBay marketing tactics have yet to be joined with the creation of a well designed eBay Store for Real Estate.  Until Now…


Jason Chalkley, a Realtor with Watson Realty Corp, has commissioned an eBay Store crafted by: DesignLogic

The unique design of this eBay Stores real estate site is expected to create an influx of interest for the Realtor’s Ormond Beach and Daytona Beach real estate listings.  Each property listed on eBay will gain worldwide exposure, not only within eBay but also through increased exposure to worldwide search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.  “This brings a whole new dimension of value to my advertising budget,” said Jason Chalkley.

The image above is a “mock up” of the soon-to-be installed Jason Chalkley/Watson Real Estate eBay Store.  When the actual store is installed it will feature a cross advertising design powered by a unique Frooition software and control panel.  “Each real estate listing will interactively display similar listings from within the brokers store and it will do so on every listing through the eBay store website.  This is a crucial feature not available through any other design package to our knowledge,” according to Scott Pooler (me) of iBusinessLogic & “No matter how a visitor enters the site, they will view more than one property listing on a page. The design will encourage all visitors to surf all of the listings the realtor has available rather than simply click back to eBay or the search engine they came from when they are finished looking at the landing page.” This feature is dynamically updated via the eBay API and does not need to be maintained. Simply launching new or additional listings will populate the cross selling engine that is a DesignLogic store powered by Frooition.

Jason Chalkley is a visionary when it comes to advertising real estate for his clients. He has invested in this custom designed eBay store with the express intention to draw new leads from the worldwide exposure eBay can provide.  “With the weak dollar and strong Euro, I hope to draw some European investors to my beautiful Florida beach properties through eBay,” Jason Chalkley said. “Local Florida buyers will find our properties in the eBay store just as easily as foreign investors, so I see it as a win-win situation for my listings.”

After the new store is installed Jason does not plan to stop with this initial phase of his real estate Internet marketing plan. Jason will call upon All Business Auctions to help him with inserting video tours of his listings as an added feature.  Jason has also started his first real estate WordPress blog with our help.  He plans on expanding his eBay listings with local area guides through digital download and possibly other real estate related merchandise in the future.

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  1. Eric Hundin March 19, 2008 at 7:16 am #

    I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

    Eric Hundin

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