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eBay Trading Assistant Journal and All Business Auctions invited to Co-Host popular Internet Radio Show about eBay and eCommerce.  We are honored to be asked to join the Internet Auction News Radio Network as a Co-Host and look forward to adding to the conversation with our unique perspective.  Thanks Dave White! 

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As reported this morning in the AllBusinessAuctions blog

Dave White of the widely listened to Internet Radio show “eBay & Beyond Basics to Business” called my office recently and asked if I would like to not just be a guest but to co-host a segment of his radio show. Of course I agreed!

I have listened to Dave’s eBay show for quite some time now. The great thing about it is that Dave does not stick with the “talking points” of eBay. Of Course he is a big supporter of eBay and does not spend his days finding ways to gripe and complain about eBay, but he also “calls em like he sees em”. Dave has been at the forefront of breaking stories recently with his show and blog and I feel as though it is a real honor to be asked to join him behind the mic.

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The Title of the show is “eBay & Beyond, Basics to Business” and that sums up a lot of stuff. I think Dave is wanting my perspective added to the show because I have sought out the “Beyond” end of the spectrum when it comes to eBay and eCommerce. The show’s listeners want to learn more about outside sources of revenue, exposure, and income which go beyond just eBay sales. Frankly I am glad to help and believe that more eBay sellers should look outside the big box that is eBay into the rest of the Internet world. There are so many opportunities and interesting ideas available to online retailers. I sometimes forget how myopic the eBay world can be, once you are in the eBay universe you sometimes forget there is a whole other solar system out there.

Neither Dave White or I would ever say that abandoning eBay would be a wise business decision. There are still too many advantages to having an eBay channel set up for your business. Fee hikes, feedback changes, DSR levels, all do not outweigh the real measureable expeosure gained via eBay sales. If a company were to simply look at eBay sales as an advertising budget decision, then they would be looking at the lost cost per sale advertising campaign in the world.

But I digress, this story is about Dave White and his great radio show and how I hope to add value for the listeners with honest answers to questions about blogging, web 2.0, web 3.D and more.

The show is broadcast live every Sunday between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. The beauty of the Internet is that after that time you can join the show in a continuous loop 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world just by following the same link:

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Show Goal: provide honest, fair and independent information and training to eBay and internet marketers.

Dave at the MicDavid White host of eBay and Beyond: Basics to Business
David has been selling on eBay and the internet for over 10 years. In 2000 he was invited to teach at eBay University, instructing thousands all over the US how to buy and sell on eBay for almost 2 years. David also runs his own consulting business, assisting individuals as well as businesses establish and grow their internet business. David has sold over 20,000 items on the internet and continues to conduct educational programs for internet marketers.

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  1. Scott March 7, 2008 at 8:04 pm #

    Dave White has Postponed the Radio Show “EBay and Beyond – Basics to Business” for this week due to a family matter.
    Please listen to his show next week.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused.

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