Digital Delivery Products Sellers on eBay – Will You Ship?

If you are a purveyor of digital delivery products on eBay I am sure you have heard by now that the way you do business is going to change.

Digital Products

With the announcement last week by Brian Burke of eBay that the merchandise previously sold as digitally deliverable Brian Burkeproducts will no longer be allowed within the core listings of eBay and after March 31st are relegated to the classified ad format, eBay has left an entire category of sellers with critical business decisions to make…and fast!

We all are familiar with the numerous marketing gurus who have promoted ebook master resell rights products and their slam dunk marketing “systems”. These “business plans” are usually offered within amazing $97 or $67  programs promoting the easy profits to be had via listing digital delivery products on eBay.

Prior to Brian Burke’s abrupt announcement, it was is hard to not believe in some of these marketing people, especially when the statements they make about the wisdom of selling a repeatable, easy to deliver, in demand and automated product on one of the worlds most highly used online retail portals are hard to argue with.

But now all of those guru programs, or at least the ones which deal exclusively with selling information or digital products on eBay, seem to be worth less than the price of admission. The guru’ are scrambling to allay the fears of their subscribers by spinning this unforseen development as a good thing for the industry.

I do not necessarily disagree, but for only one reason:  This change in eBay policy regarding digital delivery will reduce the ease with which master rights resellers (selling premade digital ebooks and programs to people who then rename and resell the same content) can flood the market with multiple duplicate products and clones of themselves.

Original content producers, software developers, photographers, graphics artists, and template designers – to name just a few – are the real losers here.

If you are an original content producer, what will you do?

  • Do you believe your customers will buy just as readily if you can only offer hard copies of your content on eBay?
  • Do you have a plan to drive traffic to a me page and then to your off eBay landing page where you will then deliver digitally?
  • Are you ready to try the classified ad format on eBay?
  • What do you think will happen to your income and your business?

We have seen a great deal of comments from our previous article about this digital download eBay announcement. I think it is a subject which should be presented from all sides because I do not believe, as Brian Burke so condescendingly stated, that digital products sellers have little invested here. I think that some of you may be greatly harmed by this change, but in saying that I also know that change happens…

How will you adapt?

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2 Responses to Digital Delivery Products Sellers on eBay – Will You Ship?

  1. Tim Jones March 30, 2008 at 4:07 pm #

    We’ll be looking at sending a physical product to complement the digital delivery of our e-guides and in the meantime, we will definitely be listing them in the classified ad format that eBay is allowing. We’ve also considered looking into alternative auction sites that do allow digital delivery products. I have even thought of selling a pencil or something cheap at the full price of our e-books and including a “free” e-book with the order of a low cost physical item.

    Whatever we do, it has forced us to re-think our eBay business plan.

  2. RICK June 7, 2008 at 1:41 pm #

    The news is finally out, and Sellers World-Wide are CHEERING…


    Users across the country and world-wide are banning eBay due to the most recent changes in policy, feedback and a sudden unannounced change in digial delivery format.

    Sellers know, by working with such a shaky company as eBay, they are not building on a solid foundation. Nobody would build a great house on a shaky foundation! Even sellers selling regular, non-digital delivery items are realizing the shaky business they are building on a company that “DOES NOT CARE” about their business, only their own.

    As the world wide ban took off, in less than 30 days, eBay stocks dropped by over 40% sending their stock into a sky dive !!!!!

    Sellers all over are cheering at the resluts and selling has dropped by over 35% on ebay since the world-wide ban has taken off.

    It is expeced that these reates will continue to drop as sellers move off completely off the overpriced, shaky eBay terrirory.

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