Using Press Releases to Promote your Traditional and Online Businesses

Pres Release Marketing 

Press releases have been used by marking agencies and advertising firms for eons but they are no longer the tool of high powered and expensive marketing gurus.

You can use online press release outlets like PR Web and Express Press Release to get your marketing message online and possibly picked up by your local or even national news agencies.

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I have just written the article above to show how to write a press release for your business. It details how you should use a newsworthy style and include outside quotes and references. If your press release looks too much like marketing hype it will be ignored.

As a Trading Assistant or Drop Store owner you could use press releases to raise consumer awareness of your services. If you do a charity drive for a local church or sell a very distinct item like a meteor or a Elvis Presley handkerchief for some outrageous amount, you should issue press releases to draw attention to your business and your brand.

Try free or low cost online press release outlets for your business. The long term effects could increase your companies awareness in the community.

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