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Internet Business Logic Web development, eBay and more

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Internet Business Logic is…

Small Business Websites & eCommerce Development servicesThat Work!

We serve clients Nationally and locally in Tampa Bay on the West Coast of Florida

Internet Business Logic for your Business:
Comprehensive packages of web development tools including – small business web development, hosting, graphics, search and social marketing consultingSmall Business Website and more.

  • Web Development– WordPress, and Joomla! Content Management System Development – Design – Graphics – eCommerce – Internet solutions for Small Business.
  • Blog Consulting and Management iBusinessLogic strongly believes in the power of blog development for business. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your blog development ideas and goals. Copy writing, design services, comment moderation, social posting and more.
  • Additional Resources – Traffic Generation and Social Marketing Consulting Services, Informational Products Publishing and Development, Real Estate website development and more…
  • Web solutions that work, iBusinessLogic clients have enjoyed outstanding organic search results with our unique combination of the right web site framework and our step by step guidance, making climbing that search engine ladder much easier. One of our recent clients reached the first page of Google for his chosen and very competitive keyword phrase in less than 2 months.
  • iBusinessLogic never makes outlandish claims or promises of success, we simply give you the tools, the design, and the guidance to help your website succeed.
  • Location – iBusinessLogic Corporation is located at 12525 Walsingham Road, Largo Florida 33774.

We proudly serve businesses in the local Tampa Bay area market and nationwide

MerchantRun GlobalLink


Free Trial – No Obligation

Please check out this website to learn more about MerchantRun GlobalLink.   Remember you can only qualify for the special $24.99 credit added to your free trial account from the Free Trial link above.  There is no obligation and we feel it is the best way to understand all of the outstanding features and benefits of this software.

Only MerchantRun GlobalLink allows you to easily define, schedule, list, and manage your products in more than 21 eBay sites all at once, using a single English interface. GlobalLink’s key strengths

  • Tested and Proven: The MerchantRun Technology Platform powers leading professional eBay sellers.
  • Grow Revenues:Expect to sell more on eBay through increased customer traffic, professional templates and cross-selling.
  • Grow Profits: Reduce eBay fees. Sell more with your existing staff by streamlining routine and time consuming tasks that distract you from your real objective – growing your eBay business.
  • User Friendly: If you already know eBay, you can proficiently sell on our software in a matter of hours.
  • Inexpensive Option: GlobalLink charges a 1% sales commission based upon sold items.
  • “Pay As You Go” system with no monthly subscriptions or setup fees.
    Unlimited Seller Names

    Unlimited Seller Names


I was referenced to MerchantRun GlobalLink by a friend of mine, who is also a seller. I immediately started using GlobalLink and was very impressed by their professional templates. Also, the bulk editing tool is so efficient, you can bulk edit any eBay listing attribute, such as price or shipping prices. Lastly, after using GlobalLink listing automation rules, I have freed up tons of much needed times to focus on other parts of my operation. Seller: bodf3012

When it comes to eBay international trading, GlobalLink provides the best features out in the market.

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