HooRay for Mary Jo Pletz! PA Trading Assistant Charges Dropped!

Great news!

The case against Mary Jo Pletz detailed in the Trading Assistant Journal has been dropped! Mary Jo (Known by her eBay trading name JoJoDoug on the eBay discussion forums) has reported on the ebay forums that she has received a reprieve in the mail –

All charges are dropped by the State of Pennsylvania vs. Mary Jo Pletz – eBay Trading Assistant

I received a letter last night. They are dropping the charges filed against me. Why?? It states that what I did MAY constitute a violation of the auctioneering act – and they MAY REOPEN the complaint for any reason they deem appropriate. BUT for now – since I took my name out of the directory “TA”, and because I stopped selling for others they are letting me go. I haven’t heard back from Barry as of yet to see what his news is. BUT it dosn’t mean all of PA is out of the woods yet. I think they are running from the bad press… any thoughts? JoJo

I think we all can feel better for Mary Jo because she certainly did not deserve this persecution … oops prosecution.

It seems that after certain media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune and the Philadelphia Enquirer wrote about this story in addition to some accurate and determined blogging on her behalf by eBay industry blogs, the State has reconsidered its view in her case.

We would be pleased to applaud the recognition by the Pennsylvania governing bodies that be, for their wise and considered change of heart. But when the change came after certain facts of the case were rightfully exposed in the media and elsewhere, this looks more like damage control.

Whatever it is… We think Mary Jo should take time to celebrate with her family. This period must have been highly stressful. One can only image the amount of strain this has put on her family.

Congratulations once again Mary Jo Pletz! Enjoy your peace out of the limelight, you deserve every moment!

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