PHPBay Pro – Affiliate and Website Revenue Producer – Insert any eBay listings in your Website or Blog

Do you have your own off eBay website?

As a Trading Assistant or REDOL we are sure you’ve been told you should have your own website but for some unknown reason our research indicates that most TA’s and Consignment professionals do not. Why?

If it is because you do not have the time to set up another high maintenance difficult to control Internet presence… You may not be aware of all of the new and interesting ways to get online with your own name and brand while not having to maintain that online portal each and every day.

Today we will be discussing one particularly interesting method of having an off eBay website which will not simply promote your brand and your eBay items but also will pay you back and run on autopilot.

phpBay Pro (See Link in the Sidebar) is an Ebay software script available as a plugin for WordPress or as an API (application programming interface) for php driven web sites. It’s built for simplicity, meaning that you can have it up and running in just a matter of minutes. Both versions come with documentation.
Build Affiliate Ebay Stores

phpBay Pro enables web publishers to quickly and easily add keyword rich eBay auction listings to your WordPress or php driven site to generate serious affiliate revenue in a matter of minutes!

What this means to those who may not be aware of the terminology used in the phpBay Pro company literature is…

With phpBay Pro any website can import any eBay listing category, store, or keyword group directly into a stand alone website or WordPress based self hosted blog. When the owner of such a website signs up as an eBay affiliate at Commission Junction, the resulting traffic directed to eBay from these listings inserted into any own website or blog will generate 24 hour a day revenue for that site. Those same listing imported into your off eBay website add constantly updating and new content to that site. For SEO this is a great advantage. Your site can be relatively static, yet always have new listings imported providing recent and relevant content for search engine spiders to chew upon.

These imported listings can be from your own store, your favorite category, or of the best items from eBay’s hot list. The best part is that the imported listings will look as though they are designed as part of your original website. It won’t look like some eBay generated widget or html builder import. Well, actually… the best thing is that as the website owner you can make money on any item sold via your listings imported from eBay and you will not have to ship or stock or inventory any of them.

Check Out phpBay Pro – Follow that link below…. Tell em the Trading Assistant Journal sent you!

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  1. Yurtdisi Egitim March 12, 2008 at 7:18 pm #

    it seems like e very good web site but my English is not good. It would be great if it might be availible in other languages too. Thanks.

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