Google – Alexa – eBay – Amazon – Overstock The real story

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What the graph clearly shows is the average page views of four of the most popular websites on the internet.

Google- Green

eBay – Blue

Amazon – Maroon

Overstock – Gold (Way at the bottom)

This graph shows the last 5 years of page views for these sites. While Google obviously has good reason to be pleased with itself, we can clearly see the graph is trending downward for both eBay and Amazon, eBay is still getting more average page views than Amazon however and has done so over the entire period.

What is really interesting here is how eBay traffic has been trending downward – this holds true with all three Alexa quantifiers Reach, Rank and Page Views. The most interesting piece of information is that this trend also holds true for Amazon across the board.

Contrary to news reports of Amazon over shadowing eBay in the online sales segment. These reports may bear out when comparing corporate revenues but it does not seem to hold true for raw internet traffic.

Why do we place products on any of these sites?

To get a piece of the traffic we see on these Alexa charts. There is still more average traffic on eBay than any other selling venue available.

Overstock is the tiny line at the bottom of the graph…


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