State Bill Vote Scheduled – Exempts Internet Sellers from Auctioneer Regulations

In a story by: Unravel the Gavel and reported in AuctionBytes today. It is reported New Hampshire has introduced a bill in the legislature to exempt Internet sales from any auctioneer licensure requirements.

This report is the best news of the week for eBay TA’s (excuse me please, REDOL’s). We can only hope this Bill in New Hampshire passes and some semblance of order in restored to the eBay consignment sellers universe.

Personally, I do not understand why more eBay consignment specialists have not organized a PR campaign to fight this movement to require our industry be governed by the antiquated auctioneer statutes and competetively biased Auctioneers regulatory organizations.

eBay TA’s, Trading Posts, Drop Stores, REDOLS, or as I prefer, Consignment Specialists…. Are NOT Auctioneers… period.

In fact, what we do is advertise goods and services for people in the worldwide media called the Internet. We charge a fee for this service, much like a newspaper or magazine would for a classified advertisement. We do not hold public auctions, we do not take title or legal possession of any item, merchandise, motor vehicle, or snowmobile….

We are self regulating with somewhat standardized contracts. We list our customer merchandise in open forum of information (eBay) where anyone can see what it is we are advertising and what it sold for. (Try to extract that information from your average auctioneer). And we pay our consignees or advertisers on a consistent and prompt basis. (When did you ever see a story published about a TA who withheld a client check, or did not pay for consigned merchandise after it sold? )

This entire Auctioneer regulation movement is an organized effort by the Auctioneers themselves. They are fearful of a future where they can not stand on a podium and hawk merchandise by speaking fast (a skill I must admit, I do not have).

To combat the decline of the profession, Auctioneers have organized themselves and encouraged their local politicians to close down the competition via regulation (that’s us – the eBay people). Thank goodness, someone up in New Hampshire sees through this haze of misinformation and has proposed a bill to remove Internet sellers like ourselves from the requirements of an auctioneers license.

After all… as a group, eBay sellers & TA’s are not known for talking fast…

New Hampshire Moves on eBay Consignment Legislation
By Ina Steiner
January 21, 2008 var addthis_pub = ‘dsteiner’;

New Hampshire newspaper Unravel the Gavel reports that the Executive Department & Administration committee of the state’s House of Representatives has released Bill HB544 to the floor of the House for vote with a Recommendation to Pass. The bill would exempt Internet sales from the law regulating and requiring licensure of auctioneers.

Unravel the Gavel Editor Kathy Greer has the full story (and back story), including the introduction of a competing bill, HB1276, which is scheduled for a public hearing at the ED&A committee one day after the House will vote on Bill HB544.

Greer compiled a list of state regulations around eBay consignment selling and drop-off stores for AuctionBytes in May 2007 ( Unravel the Gavel is a newspaper covering antiques and auctions in New Hampshire.

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