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As I was working on this blogs transition to our own hosting and a new wordpress theme… to: ….

I started to think about all of the businesses in the world who could benefit by blogging. I came to the conclusion that there is not a single business I am familiar with which could not benefit by establishing a company blog…

Blogs are simply an amazing way to get your name and information recognized throughout the world. There are many reasons why blogs are beneficial…

  • Fastest way to get your site indexed by the search engines
  • Best way to increase your rankings in the search engines – fresh content is king
  • Gives your audience (customers) a feel for what you do and how you do it. Write your blog as though you were talking directly to your customers.
  • Quickest way to get your new information, idea, products known in the world.

If you have not really caught on to the “blogosphere” thing yet, don’t think your too late because blogging is still in it’s infancy and your company still has time to get in to the mix.

While our blog story here at All Business Auctions may not be typical… and I can not promise your company will have the same experience when establishing a blog… I would like to share a quick run down or the positive results we have experienced since starting this free blog less than 90 days ago.

  1. Learned volumes about the blogosphere and how a single post in a wordpress blog can be indexed by google in less than 12 hours.
  2. Gained recognition among like minded business owners in our field.
  3. Became known as a source of information by major news organizations. (blog post: Quoted in the New York Times technology section).
  4. Gained international business inquiries through blogging about relevant news in our field. (Inquiry about eBay Stores design work from Romania)
  5. Won a small blogging award – first place SEOLogs blog contest
  6. Broadened our company appeal by detailing just a few of the services we can provide and simply writing about the benefits of those services.
  7. With the move to our own hosting and attaching the blog to our website we will increase the exposure for our company and increase the traffic on our Joomla based website. Fresh relevant content is indexed quickly in the search engines and is the most powerful for SEO tool in the toolbox.

I could increase the list above but after only 90 days online with a “free” blog, I think these are significant points.

Should you look into blogging for your business? While some people blog as a business your company or small business could benefit greatly by blogging for business.

It’s a whole lot less expensive than pay per click advertising, or the yellow pages and may not replace either for your business needs… But unlimited indexed content with your company name attached, could not hurt!

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