Antiques Appraisals – Where, How, Why? Trading Assistants Should Know Walt Kolenda – AuctionWally

As Trading Assistants we see the gamut of merchadise come through our doors each day….

Usually we can evaluate the value of this merchandise in the blink of an eye, or possibly with a quick online trip to Terapeak…

But when something is presented by a client… say possibly a fine piece of antique furniture, do you get that uneasy feeling in your gut that says “I might need a real appraisal on this one”?  Antique Desk

If you don’t get that feeling, you must have extensive antiques experience or your just flying by the seat of your pants. Not knowing the true value of any fine antique can cost you and your client hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

To sell an antique properly, you must know more than the projected value at auction of the piece.  You will not get that projected value if you do not describe it correctly in your listing with all of the historical detail possible.

How do you get that information?  From a book?

You could, if you had the time…

From Terapeak or Hammertap? – Not likely…

From eBay? – Please, you would be depending upon some other seller who may not know what he is talking about…If you could find the same exact piece listed at all… (Not likely with antiques)

How about from an appraiser? Yes a real, licensed expert in antiques appraisal!

Isnt that expensive? – Sure, locally you could spend quite a bit of cash on a certified appraisal, but what if you could get one completed online from your photographs?

With the same Seal of Approval and accuracy? Something you can take to your buyer with confidence…

Thats where AuctionWally comes in… Walt KolendaWith “Whats it Worth”

Wally will give you more than a simple selling price for your fine antique… Wally gives you the expected Retail, Wholsale and the “Sell it Fast” price.  Real world prices, not some inflated numbers from a book written by people who never heard of eBay.  On top of that, Wally will share some of the history of the piece, tell you how it should be cared for and present his findings online on his site.

Why is posting the appraisal online great? – Because you can link to that “Official Appraisal” in your auction listing on eBay and your buyers will be assured that the piece is what you say it is… Apprasied by a licensed Appraisal expert and Auctioneer… Will that sell it, or what?

Here is what you can expect from AuctionWally All for only $9.95

Do you need an honest, professional appraisal of your antique(s) in a quick manner for a very fair price?

Walt Kolenda, a licensed MA auctioneer with 25 years in the antiques & collectibles business. MA license #2621 will give you what you need.

Walt has held hundreds of live auctions, and has sold thousands of items on eBay where I’ve been selling antiques, collectibles and many other items for 8 years. His eBay ID is Auctionwally.

AuctionWally’s Antiques Appraisals are the best on the Internet and the best for other TA’s to consider…

Here’s why:

Wally offers a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. If for any reason you’re unhappy with your appraisal, simply request a refund within 7 days of the posting of your appraisal and He will cheerfully refund 100% of your money.

  • Your appraisal will include several prices – a retail price, a medium range price, and a quick sale price. Wally will explain the difference among these prices, and how to achieve each to the maximum benefit.
  • Your appraisal will come with professional wording as well as standard industry terminology/slang, should you need to know these for official purposes IE litigation, insurance, resale. In short, you’ll know what your item is, and what the professionals call it.
  • Your appraisal will come with tips on how to care for it and store it.
  • Your appraisal will be conducted by Walt Kolenda personally, a professional auctioneer with many years of selling experience. There’s a good chance I’ve sold something exactly like, or similar to the item your requesting an appraisal on, probably more than a few times!
  • Your appraisal will include top notch selling tips. Are you looking to sell your item? Just state so in your request, and your geographic location and Walt will give you tips on how to get the most for your item.
  • Your appraisal will be posted online, so you can reference it to anyone who needs to see it, and if you ever lose it, you know right where to find it. (Of course it will not include any personal information) This can be extremely useful when trying to sell your item.
  • You may pay for your appraisal knowing your payment information is secure with PayPal.
  • Your appraisal will be completed and posted online within 3 days from day of purchase or it’s free.

If you can honestly find a better deal at only $9.95, then please email me… Because I have never seen a better deal.

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