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What does the NEW Trading Assistant eBay Agreement mean to you? -Humor-

This article is simply intended as a parody. It is not a serious commentary on the new trading assistant program. Please make your own judgements concerning the eBay program. The comments made here are not to be considered as a serious evaluation of this new program. ————————————————————————————————————————— The new Trading Assistant (TA) program separates the […]

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Top 10 eBay Trading Assistant Drop Store Reality Checks

Running an eBay consignment business can be complicated, time consuming, and nerve wracking… As a business, consignment selling on eBay is not the easy get rich quick scheme some would have you believe. While initially setting up an eBay consignment business may sound like a ticket to easy street… Whats better than selling other peoples […]

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Antiques Appraisals – Where, How, Why? Trading Assistants Should Know Walt Kolenda – AuctionWally

As Trading Assistants we see the gamut of merchadise come through our doors each day…. Usually we can evaluate the value of this merchandise in the blink of an eye, or possibly with a quick online trip to Terapeak… But when something is presented by a client… say possibly a fine piece of antique furniture, […]

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Chicago Tribune reveals Auctioneer vs eBay battle from the front lines.

An article in the Chicago Tribune reveals the Auctioneer vs eBay battle from the front lines. The Tribune article details with specific clarity the unfair and abusive nature of the State of Pennsylvania’s prosecution of honest eBay small business owners. Legislation in Pennsylvania has been sponsored by a small group of politically savvy and powerful special interest groups (Auctioneers).  […]

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State Bill Vote Scheduled – Exempts Internet Sellers from Auctioneer Regulations

In a story by: Unravel the Gavel and reported in AuctionBytes today. It is reported New Hampshire has introduced a bill in the legislature to exempt Internet sales from any auctioneer licensure requirements. This report is the best news of the week for eBay TA’s (excuse me please, REDOL’s). We can only hope this Bill […]

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New eBay Trading Assistant Agreement – Options for Drop Store Owners

With the advent of the new eBay Trading Assistant (”Registered eBay Drop Off Location” or REDOL) agreement, an already complicated business outlook has just become more convoluted.    eBay Trading Assistants and Drop Store owners – Franchisee or Non-Franchise… should be evaluating the new eBay Trading Assistant Agreement and determining what the implications are for the future of your business.  I will refrain from interpreting […]

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Auctionbytes reports on the Trading Assistant – Trading Post News…

Auctionbytes reports on the changes in eBay’s Trading Assistant Agreement… eBay Changes Trading Assistant Program for Consignment-Sales By Ina Steiner January 17, 2008 eBay announced changes to its Trading Assistant program, including the news that it would change the designation “Trading Post” to “Registered eBay Drop Off Location” (REDOL). The changes come as eBay […]

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eBay limits all Trading Assistants and Drop store owners ability to earn a living…

The recent changes in the trading assistant agreement has sparked a debate on the official eBay forums. eBay has laid down a very restrictive agreement and as a trading assistant or drop store owner, you should read it very carefully before clicking any box indicating your agreement. To be honest, eBay has instituted this new […]

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Important Changes to the eBay Trading Assistant Program – Action Required

eBay Announces Changes to the Trading Assistant Program: Our initial evaluation of this “agreement” is underway… I will post our opinions after we have digested the entire “new” program.   I can say that I never received any email from eBay regarding this change and we have been listed in the TA directory since 2001. – […]

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eBay Sellers Keyword Tools Rundown – Use keywords to find your buyers!

Established eBay sellers know the importance of selecting the right “keywords” for the titles of auctions and store listings within eBay.  While most eBay sellers may not be aware of the work eBay does “behind the scenes” to make sure each and every one of your listings is optimised throughout the Internet. The work that eBay does […]

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If you were to try and source a product to sell on eBay, what would you look for?

If you were to try and source a product to sell on eBay, what would you look for? Something you know? Something you can buy cheap? Items at a garage sale? Merchandise imported by container full from china with questionable branding and associated return nightmares? Seriously, these are a few of the numerous opinions offered […]

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Cornerstone Commercial Carpet Cleaning Supply – eBay Stores Design – Update –

Cornerstone Commercial Supply Inc. is the proud new owner of an eBay Store designed by DesignLogic with Frooition and All Business Auctions.   Our design work was completed over the holidays and installed on January 7, 2007. Within hours of the installation of our custom eBay store design the client, Cornerstone Commercial Supply Inc., logged thier very first eBay […]

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eBay vs. Amazon Choose one or both? And eBay Powerseller Shipping Alliance

Readers please note: AllBusinessAuctions blog is transitioning to our own server and some of these posts will be duplicated while we make sure our new blog set up is correct. If you are curious about our transition and what the new blog will look like, please check out . Very soon all of our […]

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