Welcome – Cornerstone Commercial Supply to iBusinessLogic / All Business Auctions!

Cornerstone Commercial Supply is pleased to announce that after years of brick and mortar retail and wholesale sales of commercial carpet cleaning, janitorial and floor care supplies and equipment, that they are entering the exciting world of e-commerce as an internet and eBay seller!

The professionals at iBusinessLogic are bringing the world of Internet marketing to an established Brick and Mortar distributor of Carpet Cleaning supplies and equipment in the Tampa Bay area.

iBusinessLogic ‘s first task has been to set up the inventory of this commercial carpet cleaning distributor in electronic format and to enter it into the AuctionLogic business class ebay management software suite. We are proceeding with this project while we complete the design of the eBay stores templates with our DesignLogic and Frooition graphics and eBay stores certified designer teams. The eBay stores design and listing template is nearly complete but since we have all of this great product to promote, there is no reason to wait. We at All Business Auctions have begun the soft launch of this client onto eBay with a basic eBay stores design provided by eBay.

Once DesignLogic & Frooition has Cornerstone’s new eBay store design completed they can simply do a quick install of the eBay store design without changing any of the items already running on eBay. One of the great features of our AuctionLogic software suite is that once the Cornerstone branded and customized eBay listing template is ready for use, we can simply choose to change the template of any store item from within our software without ever having to re-enter item description information or details. Once the Designlogic / Frooition template is installed our client will have the ultimate flexibility available for changing and editing both live eBay listings and thier own promotions within the eBay store. Featured items will be promoted / cross marketed on each and every listing with this eBay stores design and software solution.

Next on the agenda, after the eBay store is up and running and generating revenue, DesignLogic will formulate , design and implement a complete a full eCommerce website for this client. This will allow the client to direct traffic from eBay to the eCommerce website and sell his primary product which is Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines.

In addition we plan on developing informational products for this client. Digitally delivered info products are a great way to get a company brand and company links into the hands of a focused and targeted audience. The informational products ideas we have for this client are extensive and we fully intend on helping Cornerstone Commercial Supply inform and educate its customer base with Commercial carpet & floor care e-books, e-reports, e-reviews on equipment and other video and audio based informational products.

We have been working for years to reach a level which would allow All Business Auctions / iBusinessLogic to create comprehensive and effective Internet marketing plans which start with the awesome power of eBay traffic generation. We believe we have found the right combination of tools, services and mentoring programs which will allow any brick and mortar business like Cornerstone to survive and thrive in the new world of Internet based marketing.

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2 Responses to Welcome – Cornerstone Commercial Supply to iBusinessLogic / All Business Auctions!

  1. Jerry December 4, 2007 at 1:24 pm #

    Can All Business Auctions bring any business online this quickly with eBay and then eCommerce?

  2. Scott Pooler December 4, 2007 at 7:24 pm #

    We can help any business who already has a product or a line of products to bring those items to market efficiently and effectively, using eBay as a tool for eCommerce – Yes.

    Any business could include a lot of business ideas, so I would have to know more before I respond further…

    What kind of business do you have?

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