Top 10 New Years eBay Store Resolutions for Small Business Owners

Magic of New Years ResolutionsTis the season for New Years Resolutions

As a small business owner do you have an eBay plan for 2008?

Small business owners are bombarded by multiple ideas, emails and suggestions concerning how they should run, improve and increase business this time of year. Among these New Years Resolutions ideas is one which I consider to be the most likely to provide a return on investment for any business owner… I suggest any small business should research the viability of adding an eBay marketing plan, including the use of an eBay store, to the present marketing budget. If you have not already looked into the potential of eBay and eBay Stores, you should designate this as one of the top priorities for your company in 2008.

No matter if your business has an established eCommerce Internet website or not, adding an eBay business/marketing plan to your retail or wholesale operation is not only a revenue producing sales tool but also a promotional venue with an unlimited potential to increase your businesses bottom line and overall worldwide branding exposure and recognition. So lets make looking into eBay a primary New Years resolution for your company, here are 10 resolution ideas and the possible benefits of following our advice:

Top 10 New Years eBay Store Resolutions for Small Business Owners

  1. OPEN and eBay store and stock it with merchandise– This is the first step! Once you make this initial step, your business will be on its way towards gaining worldwide exposure for your brand and a robust and lively new customer base. All built in to the incredible and free built in SEO advantages of an eBay store. Question: Are you aware that more searches are initiated for products on eBay each day than on Google? In fact there are more searches completed each day on eBay than on Google’s entire system and every search within eBay is initiated by a consumer looking for a product to buy. People search on Google for free information. Which place do you want your products found?
  2. Build up your positive feedback number– By building the eBay account feedback through purchases and the sales of your store merchandise new and exciting features of your eBay account will become available. Once your feedback rating exceeds 100 all of your fixed price and store listings will be gaining even more Internet exposure on eBay express and you will qualify for many other programs within eBay. When your sales exceed $1000.00 per month, your business will be listed as a PowerSeller. Powerseller status indicates to the consumer that you are a steady and reliable resource and that they can have confidence buying from you. Additionally, when your sales surpass $3000.00 per month, your business will qualify for a reduction in PayPal fees.
  3. Advertise your business locally via eBay – Create excitement and build confidence with your current customers by telling them about your new and exciting eBay store. Your customers will all know what eBay is and you will be amazed at how they will react to the news of your businesses move into eBay. Immediately you will gain a reputation for being cutting edge and Internet savvy.
  4. Set up a Trade – In / Trade – Up Program for new equipment sales – With your company eBay store and feedback rating established you can now become a eBay “Trading Assistant”. Establishing your business as a Trading Assistant will allow you to perform services for your present customers which were not available before to you or them. Example: Your business sells new and valuable products or merchandise and you have a loyal customer base. You are always working toward selling your customers the latest and greatest piece of equipment or new model of your merchandise. Possibly you have sold your customer a piece of equipment in the past and that customer would love to upgrade or trade in and up to your latest model. As a business owner you hesitate to directly accept trade ins and then sell used equipment for warranty reasons and financial reasons etc… As an eBay Trading Assistant you could offer to offer your customers older equipment on eBay for them if they will buy a new stock item from you. The customer agrees and you sell the item on eBay to a new buyer for your customer. As a Trading Assistant, you never take ownership of the item and therefore you never invest in the item nor are you liable for the item. The item is sold as is to a new customer and your loyal customer applies the value towards the sale of your new inventory. Win Win Win – Everyone is happy with your new service and you just sold a new piece of equipment by eliminating a financial objection from your present customer. – Smart Business!
  5. Design Your eBay Store to fit your branding –An eBay store is a marvelous tool to attract traffic to your merchandise but once a potential customer lands on your site you want them to stick around and see all that you have to offer. A standard eBay store design is very basic and will only look like every one of the other thousands of eBay stores in the world. To stand out and be recognized, you need to invest in a professionaly designed eBay store. A store designed with your company look and feel and your branding will perform much better than the standard eBay store package of graphics.
  6. Complete your eBay Store “About Me” Page – This is possibly the single most important step! The About Me page is the only place where you can, within the eBay rules and guidelines, re-direct eBay traffic to your own website. If you want a portion of the 225 million eBay users to see your company website, this is where you get it done! A professional eBay store designer should include a “me” page design.
  7. Write an eBay guide, review, or blog –Give your muse a try and write a review or a guide to how to buy a product you feature. What should a consumer look for in products similar to what your store features? How would a consumer go about finding an honest dealer like you? What kind of treasures can be found in the marketplace and how does a consumer tell the good from the fake in your field? This is not a place for blatant merchandising but more of a place to write a common sense guide about how to buy your specific category of widgets. These guides and reviews and/or blog posts are all ways to gain worldwide exposure for your company and your brand and identify yourself as an expert – eBay provides them to you for free!
  8. Import your eBay listings into your own website – Create excitement on your website and offer ever changing content to the search engines by importing your own eBay store listings into your off eBay traditional website. The advantages of this strategy are vast and the investment is minimal. If you sign up as an affiliate of eBay (also free) your company can even realize revenue from any click through to eBay from your website.
  9. Sell Internationally – With an eBay store your company become an international exporter overnight. Make your products available to the world and offer them on all of eBays international websites. You will gain new customers, additional traffic and valuable bidders for any auction listings you post. Bring the world to you with the click of a mouse!
  10. Stick with it! – There are many tools available to your company which will automate the process of listing and re-listing merchandise which reduces labor costs and the possibility of tedium causing you to abandon an eBay store plan. When you set up your eBay store, have an eBay plan in place with goals and milestones in mind and on paper. Stick with your plan, adjust your goals, and learn your marketplace. Each sale will propel your business along the pathway to success and each sale will be a learning experience. Your company and you can do it and you can do it now!

Have a marvelous, profitable and enjoyable New Year! Happy 2008!

Scott Pooler – All Business Auctions – iBusinessLogic -AuctionLogic – 727-596-6900 Skype – allbusinessauctions

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2 Responses to Top 10 New Years eBay Store Resolutions for Small Business Owners

  1. Greg Davidson January 12, 2008 at 12:59 am #

    I’ve found some great new wholesalers that I plan on purchasing from soon. The more products you have to sell on Ebay the more successful you will be.

  2. Scott Pooler January 17, 2008 at 11:16 am #

    Actually – Niche marketing is the best marketing opportunity on eBay. Unless you are a TA – focusing your efforts on one very tightly honed niche of products will get you the best return on your marketing efforts.

    Once you have developed a niche, you can do it again, with a different eBay store…

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