eBay's Real Problem: eBay still divides the world of commerce into “stores” and “auctions per Michael Bloomberg

In the Silicon Valley Insider, Michael Bloomburg writes about eBay and its stagnent growth. Mr. Bloomburg proposes this is due to eBays adherance to an auction platform.  Mr. Bloomberg writes:

eBay still divides the world of commerce into “stores” and “auctions.” This is understandable given eBay’s heritage as an auction site, but it’s also the reason eBay has had such trouble moving beyond the auction paradigm into broader commerce. 

We agree to a point but I propose a solution…

eBay should include the listings of established sellers in the general search, no matter if they are store listings, fixed price, or auction… This would provide the eBay buyers with a comfortable search experience and allow them the best chance to find what they want, when they want it. And it would allow business owners who utilize eBay stores more profits through more sales.

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