eBay member pays $2 Million Bucks for a Wii ??? NO Way?

The text in the original blog found on Digg reads: Check this Auction that just finished, A guy paid $2million Dollars for a Nintendo Wii Console: With this link to eBay Nintendo Wii

This is an obvious scam or spoof and I wonder what the point of the whole process must have been? I mean, sure they are getting a great deal of traffic by posting an outrageous headline like this, but where does it lead?
I could understand pulling a stunt like this on eBay if the intention was as it seems, to get traffic to the about me page on eBay so the traffic could then be re-directed to a website or simply to explain the value of marketing via eBay… But in this case there is no point to the about me page, and no links to another site…
Someone owes a great deal of money in final value fees on that sale and I bet they will never pay it. So I suppose it was a late April Fools day joke on eBay and everyone who followed the link…
What do you think?

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