We Won! SEOLogs.com named All Business Auctions blog a Winner!

Note: Recently we signed up for a service/blogging community called mybloglog.  Our official join date was November 12th 2007.  MyblogLog is a social networking site for bloggers and it allows like minded bloggers to create groups or communities to see what other bloggers in their niche are doing/writing. 

Coincidentally, MyBlogLog was running a contest during the month of November with a significant prize awarded to the blog which gained the most members to it’s community during the month. 

While we did not win the MyBlogLog contest by any means, we were very encouraged by our community growth in such a short time.  From November 12th to November 30th 2007 AllBusinessAuctions.Wordpress.com went from a blog rank in the thousands all the way up to a (contest) rank of 133.  No where near a win or even honorable mention, but to climb within 133 places of long time established blogs with massive communities already in place and while competing against cash prize incentives and email marketing campaigns designed to boost other blogs standings…

We thought our progress was significant – especially when you consider that we did not employ any outside techniques to gain rank. Only honest content.

While we did win first place in one of the cash prize incentive contests employed to gain rank bu SEOlogs.com and we appreciate the recognition , and the cash from the prize listed below…   

In our view the climb to blog #133 in the MyBlogLog contest was a significant and gratifying result after only a little over two weeks in the community!

Thank you MyBlogLog.com members!

SEOLogs has announced our blog a winner!

Congratulations to the final 3 winners of our Contest!

allbusinessauctions – $150 Cash via PayPal + 2 Months 125×125 banner on dnScoop.com ($450 value)

muiomuio – $100 Cash via Paypal + 2 Month 125×125 banner on dnScoop.com ($400 value)

tonyfloyd – 3 Months 125×125 banner on…

http://www.seologs.com  MyBlogLog Contest and SEOlogs Winners – http://www.seologs.com

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