Can anyone clean up on eBay?

Can anyone clean up on eBay?

  • If you sell collectibles like this Hummel – You could
  • If you find a niche you enjoy – You might
  • But if you’re a brick and mortar business already – you will!

Brick and mortar retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers need to be aware that they already have 90% of the required ingredients to become very successful eBay and eCommerce retailers. In house these businesses already have the manpower, the sources of supply, the shipping capabilities and the product knowledge required to become a successful Internet marketing organization.

If you own or work for any kind of brick and mortar business mentioned above… You should look at adding eBay and then eCommerce to your business! Another stream of income could not be a bad thing and the brand exposure worldwide is always a good thing.

Give it a try or ask us for help!

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2 Responses to Can anyone clean up on eBay?

  1. Charly December 26, 2007 at 4:59 pm #

    Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Howard February 3, 2008 at 6:26 pm #

    You could clean up on this one…I just saw an original “signed” Hummel lamp from the 1930’s on eBay. I cant afford it, but I am sure it is worth at least a thousand dollars, going for under $100.00. If anyone is interested, it is Hummel “Culprits” and “Out of Danger”… 44A and 44B… lamps are both on there with TMK1, signed and high bee as well. I thought that I would bid, but the wife says we have enough. Both lamps are sold by the same person and they probably do not know how rare they are. I thought someone might like to at least check it out and see it. It may be the only time for some to see one that rare. The girl “Out of Danger” is the one that Goebel signed. It is fun to look at and dream about. Check it out.

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