The Devil is in the Details on eBay

eBay demands details, well, maybe not eBay itself, but the buyers on eBay do!

If you are disappointed in your auction sales results, maybe you should look at the details you include in your listings (or lack in your listings). Providing your customers with every possible answer to every possible question before they even ask… increases your likelihood of getting a bid.

Remember to include information about the size, weight, overall dimensions etc. People can not always visualize the size of a thing from a flat photograph.

Your photos should be clear and well detailed and your item should appear in those photos against a single color background. I recommend either white (high key), black or dark blue background colors.

Try to get some separation between your item and the background. This will make the item stand out and give it more detail. Our photos are shot in a dedicated studio with professional lighting and a large “light table”. But you can use simple materials and lighting to accomplish nearly the same effect.

The point is to give the buyer all of the information they need to make a buying decision. Photographs are the best tools in your auction bag of tricks to accomplish that goal. Great descriptions are almost as important!

Providing all of the details about the item (including flaws, if any are present) in your original listing, will create the impression that you have experience and knowledge it takes to offer the item for sale, which in turn increases your buyers confidence in you.

If you have photos such as the one above included in your listing detailing the exact dimensions of an item and reminding the bidder about what exactly it is they are looking at… You will once again increase your chances of making a sale or getting that one extra bid.

We all know bids are the name of the game, without bids you have very little chance of increasing the perceived value of the item you have for sale. Do whatever it takes to increase confidence in your store, your listing and your character. This policy will pay dividends back in spades (i.e. Profits)!

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