The Demise of eBay Has Been Grossly Exagerated – Long Live eBay!

ebayWhy do so many journalists and “experts” feel they must report eBay’s demise on a seemingly daily basis?

I can assure you it will be a long long time before eBay goes the way of the Wooley Mammoth!  With more focused searches per day than even google or yahoo (Heck, maybe more than Google and Yahoo Combined), eBay is a long way from extinct. Sure they are top heavy in management and they have some really poor ideas from time to time, but so do Microsoft and Apple and they do not seem to be as endangered or near extinction as some journalists and technology pundits once thought those two other struggling companies could be.

Stick with eBay and use it to your business advantage!

eBay is a tool, it is advertising, it is a way to market to the world from your small or large storefront or from no store at all!

Use eBay in good health, just as 5.4 million unique visitors did on a single day last week!

    EBay: Nielsen/NetRatings reports 5.4M unique visitors to eBay on Black Friday

    Last Updated: 27-November-2007 16:11:00

    NEW YORK (Thomson Financial) – EBay Inc. said it was the most visited e-commerce site on Black Friday with 5.4 million unique visitors, citing information from Nielsen/NetRatings. EBay also said data from PayPal showed a 33% increase in online payment volume on Black Friday from a year earlier.

    EBay said its sites, which include and PayPal, saw an increase in Cyber Monday traffic from a year earlier, with reporting a 28% increase. Traffic to merchants over the entire holiday weekend rose 30% year-over-year.

    The company said, however, that the busiest shopping day of the season it still to come. EBay expects to see higher activity on Green Monday, the second Monday in December, as revenue and shopper traffic on Green Monday have outpaced Cyber Monday for the past few years.

    Shares of eBay were up 3.5% to $32.08. Christie Rizk cr/jw COPYRIGHT Copyright Thomson Financial News Limited 2007. All rights reserved.

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