Our New All Business Auctions eBay Store Design is almost complete – Thanks to DesignLogic and Frooition!

We are working with our DesignLogic team to integrate the Frooition eBay stores design framework into our system of eBay Stores Designer services. Very soon, visitors to our eBay store will be greeted by a new and dynamic shopping experience. To see an example follow this link: DesignLogic/Frooition eBay Store Mockup If you compare the two examples you may notice some significant differences. These differences are more than simple appearance and color palate choices. They are reflected in the core purpose of any e-commerce design. Conversion and cross selling is king in e-commerce and the Frooition design template has been created from its inception to optimize both of these goals and place them within an eBay stores design parameter. If your eBay store has not performed as you had hoped, if your are frustrated by the lack of repeat , upselling, or bundled sales performance from your present eBay store design, we suggest you investigate the Frooition design solution. If you have not yet heard of Frooition here in the USA, you will.

Frooition is the premier eBay stores design solution in the U.K. and Europe. Some of the U.K.’s largest retailers rely upon Frooition to implement and manage their online sales strategies. We are certainly proud and honored to be linked in business and in friendship with this outstanding company and we only hope that our DesignLogic services can benefit from and provide value to Frooition and our clients alike.

Features of Frooition eBay shop Design:

Dynamic Design that allows you to change content features within “Manage My Store”; this allows you to add new categories and edit them without changing your design html
Design hosted using dedicated servers
Specify list or gallery view and sort by preference
Easily change your eBay store description
Rename and re-order categories and automatically format the design
Change the location and content of the promotional boxes Create/edit your custom pages while keeping your standard design template intact
Full control of your about me page – Having a professional design will greatly enhance your eBay and Internet presence, making your eBay shop stand out from your competitors. It enables you to build a consistent and professional brand. It gives your customers confidence enabling you to get better margins on your products. It can make you look bigger than are giving you a competitive edge. Customers are encouraged to use “buy it now” increasing your trading velocity and profit. It encourages the use of the store front as a key part of the selling strategy encouraging cross sell and upsell while saving your money on eBay fees.

Features of a Frooition eBay Listing Template Design:

Dynamic store categories (meaning customers can easily track back to your store) The ability to search your store directly from the template
Add to favorites and watch item will be incorporated into the design and made more prominent – meaning higher close rates and repeat purchases.
Customers will be able to sign up for a store newsletter – meaning you can repeat market to drive sales
Add and save custom terms and conditions and update them from one place – meaning you don’t have so much repetition when formatting your listings
Save listing code as text files on your hard drive meaning you can easily re-list products and services, no matter what listing software you useYou can also add custom promotion boxes to drive sales and gain extra customers
You get a 10MB Image Storage where you can host product images thus saving picture fees to eBay
The system pulls in various data dynamically such as your contact information – if you change your contact details on eBay they will change automatically in the design.

The listing template solution will allow you to quickly and easily create professional templates that will carry across your existing branding giving you the ultimate branding package, increasing customer confidence even more than you get with your eBay store.

The listing template system has a web based console where you will create a new listings with your design, all you have to do is fill in the required fields specifying title, description and then either upload an image or point to its location. The software will then generate your listing in html pulling all the relevant fields into the correct places with the suitable layout. Once the listing has been generated you will see a preview of the listing and, once you are happy it is correct, it can be saved to your hard drive and copied and pasted into eBay, via “Sell My Item”, Turbolister or Selling Manager Pro or third party providers like AuctionLogic. DesignLogic  can even have your standard template code installed into the AuctionLogic Business Class eBay management software suite so you will only have to enter the standard information for a listing once and let the system manage your listings from that point forward.

If you have any questions or comments about Frooition, DesignLogic, AuctionLogic or All Business Auctions, we will be pleased to answer or reply at any time. Just give us a call 727-596-6900 or drop a comment into the box below.

Scott Pooler



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    How much did Frooition charge you for its services?

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