Listing a $35,000.00 Custom Diamond Ring on eBay

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As discussed in my previous post, this is a very high quality item which has been entrusted to my company to list for sale.

This is a 2.0 ct Solitaire Near flawless and colorless round brilliant cut diamond mounted in a tested and stamped 18k solid white gold setting encrusted with over 80 secondary natural diamonds for a total carat weight of diamonds equalling 2.86 carats.

  • Was my trading assistant company just given this opportunity because we have an eBay sign on our front door?
  • Did we simply luck into this possible sale?
  • Is there any reason why we were chosen over any one of the reputable jewelers in our community?

I like to think the answer to all of those questions is NO.

Now, why do I think this?

If you think someone will bring an item like this in off the street simply because you have an “We sell on eBay” sign on your store window… you have more faith in the eBay brand than I.  eBay is an incredible brand and it does generate enormous interest among consumers but does the brand or the sign in your window generate confidence in the store operator or does the store operator generate that interest through standard honest and innovative business practices?

I say that as a business person you can not be successful without the latter even with the power of an incredible brand in your window.

Did we simply luck into this possible sale?

I could say luck entered into it, but it would be under selling my business and I would be under evaluating my clients wisdom and business acumen, (and I would never do that).  This particular client came to us via word of mouth, (there is a bit of luck in that, I suppose).
Our client has sold numerous designer handbags through our trading assistant services on eBay. We have sold every Gucci, Coach, and Dooney & Bourke purse she has brought into our offices. One day recently, our client came in with a beautiful Ferla Brera Ostrich Shopper: and saw photos of a beautiful Diamond Tennis Bracelet on my 30″HD Cinema Display. I was editing these photos for a different clients Diamond Tennis Bracelet auction of a 4.2 carat natural diamond bracelet.

When our designer handbag client saw the photos of diamonds on my monitor she immediately asked if I could sell her diamond ring?  Of course we could list her diamond ring (I hesitate to promise an actual sale because without the proper research there is no reasonable way a trading assistant can offer absolutes. We offer a listing and then qualify the clients expectations).

Were we chosen over other possible sellers or jewelers through simple luck?

I really do not think so.

I think we were selected by this client because she was confident in our business practices. She had tested our services and she had experienced our level of customer service. Our eBay management & listing software (AuctionLogic) notifies the consignment client via email whenever an action is taken with their listing. When the item goes live on eBay, when the item sells, when the item ships and when their check is ready or mailed.  This simple value added service builds confidence in the client. When a client follows their item listed on eBay through our service they see the level of professionalism that we build into each and every listing. They see our custom listing templates, our high quality photogaphs and our additional slide shows. We believe seeing our eBay store design and the entireeBay online sales package builds confidence for our consignment seller, the seller is also confident that a potential buyer will be impressed with the same features of our online presence which impressed them when looking at their own item listed on eBay.
Confidence is king in the online sales arena and without the proper tools, the best photos, the right image editing and the best in listing software, stores design and listing template. We feel that to build confidence in our business we need to have confidence in our tools, our store, and our product.  Our product is how we present items for sale on eBay, if we do not do a great job then why should anyone ask us to do this work for them?  Listing on eBay is quickly becoming less of a unique skill, the way to stand out as a trading assistant is with the quality of your listings, the quality of your photos and the level of customer service you provide.  With the right tools, your trading assistant services can stand out, you simply have to invest is yourself and your tools.

We are continuing our quest for improvement and this is why we are feverishly working on an entire re-engineered version of the All Business Auctions eBay Store. Soon we will be the proud new owners of a dynamic cross selling eBay stores design powered by Frooition. I will post more information regarding this incredible new design for eBay stores in the near future.

Scott Pooler

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