Listing a 2.85 Carat Diamond Ring on eBay?

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When you are an eBay trading post operator or an eBay trading assistant, opportunities like this come along more frequently if you develop your business reputation and instill confidence in your clientele. When the opportunity to list a $36,000.00 piece of jewelry presents itself, will you be ready with the tools and strategies and experience to perform a successful sale?There are numerous considerations when listing an exclusive custom designed diamond ring such as this. How will you gain the confidence of a buyer beyond simply starting the auction at a ridiculously low price?  What is the marketing strategy for a piece like this?

High quality items deserve and demand high quality listings. If your goal is to provide quality service for your client and higher profits for your business, you should work towards the goal of creating an image which will impress the type of buyer who would buy your exclusive item. Starting with Images and continuing through description every part of an auction or eBay stores listing with an item like this must exude quality.

The image required to sell high dollar or big ticket items is best presented with a custom high quality and comprehensive eBay stores design. The listing template is like your own storefront. Your listing and your eBay stores design are what tell the world who you are as a business.  As a shopper, do you feel more comfortable in a disorganized and messy flea market store or in a high quality purpose built mall store?

Is your potential buyer more comfortable buying from a standard easy to set up eBay store and template? Or is the buyer more comfortable buying from a high quality custom made eBay stores design?

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  1. Joe McIntosh November 4, 2007 at 5:08 pm #

    Great Post,
    Tell us more about how to get a ebay stores design for our business?
    What should we look for?
    Where do we find a designer?

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