Frooition's incredible eBay store design – Pirate Party

Frooition’s incredible eBay store design – Pirate Party
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As you can tell from previous posts I am very enthusiastic about our affiliation with the premier eBay stores designer in Europe and the U.K. – Frooition.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Frooition design of an eBay store is the cross selling capability.

With a eBay stores design powered by Frooition, your store will have features not found in any other advanced or eBay supplied stores package. Your listings will cross sell other listings and your categories will promote other categories – all automatically.  Changes can be made on the fly and it all integrates seamlessly with the eBay API.

I am sure I will have ample opportunity to extol the virtues of Frooition here and on our website in the future. For now, please read the Frooition blog post below, visit their site at and check out the amazing designs and functionality they have built in to the system.

We are proud to help Frooition and our clients with this incredible package. If you do give them a ring, please tell em Scott Pooler at All Business Auctions sent ya!

At Frooition we are lucky enough to design with such concepts as the Pirate Party Store. With a swashbuckling theme tune to the website and a matching pirate eBay shop design, it is a delight to see these designs come together. I am sure they have recruited plenty of shipmates since the design was installed!

There products include games, activities, chocolates, decorations and even beach party accessories!

Link to a full screen shot of the Pirate Party Store eBay Shop Design

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