Ebay – Does Your Business Use This Tool?

Does your business use eBay as a tool?

This may seem like an odd term for the largest online sales producer on the planet… but in reality, no matter how large or small your business is, eBay is an effective and often under utilized tool.

eBay is not the only tool in your marketing toolbox and even though it is a very effective device, eBay should not be the only tool your company uses to generate online sales. Other tools are more familiar, website marketing, Google Adwords, Amazon.com to name a few.

But why should any business consider using eBay as a part of their online marketing plan? – Numbers – Search – Rankings – Sales – All of the Above

Look at eBay’s numbers, they are well publicized, and immediately you will understand the best possible place to be when your goal is to gain exposure for your firm. With over 230 million registered users and sales figures, even in an off year, which are staggering, the plain truth is that eBay is the 500 lb gorilla in the room when it comes to online sales.

Search – No other single expenditure can yield as much exposure and rankings in search engines than a focused eBay Stores campaign. When eBay spends 4 Billion dollars of their own money to provide AdWords campaign exposure for its sellers, how can your company leave that money on the table by not participating?

Rankings – When your products, blog posts, item descriptions and other related links are combined with an organized and focused eBay stores program, your own website rankings will rise faster and farther than you could possibly expect with simple SEO optimization.

Sales – An effective, well organized and detailed eBay Stores program is a proven sales producer. We would be remiss to not mention the fact that even if any single eBay stores program did not result in any sales or profit whatsoever (highly unlikely) the benefits listed above in search engine rankings, paid (by eBay) search, and just plain worldwide exposure in the form of Internet advertising of your brand and your products… Any costs associated with an eBay stores marketing campaign can be easily offset by the amazing benefits associated with the program.

EBay is an amazing venue for online sales and for online advertising.  If your business is looking for the highest return on an online advertising budget, you should consider using the power of eBay and eBay Stores.

* Key to a global and local eBay marketing strategy
* Essential to take advantage of global branding & marketing opportunities
* Greater exposure for brand & products
* Increases ancillary sales

EBay Stores are an essential part of any online marketing plan.  An eBay store provides exposure which is unrivaled in the marketplace.  With an eBay Store set up correctly through All Business Auctions, you are not only selling product, you are gaining exposure in ways which were unattainable by small businesses until eBay provided this opportunity.
With an eBay store your brand and identity is tied to the products you offer on eBay.  Your buyers will gain confidence in the items you offer because your store on eBay will have a consistent theme and will show you are a real business and not a home based fly by night venture.  With an eBay stores account and our graphic design department the stability of your business will be projected on every item you offer for sale.

Ebay Stores offer competitive advantages that simple eBay auction style listings lack and as a business you should take advantage of every aspect of eBay and eBay stores.

Included with any eBay Stores account:

* Multiple eBay web pages available for use
* Shopping environment which increases consumer confidence
* Additional search engine exposure
* Longer exposure for inventory items (up to 365 days per year – 24 hours per day!)
* Greater access to eBay Express
* Up-selling opportunities – Increase Ancillary Sales
* Display all your auction and fixed price listings from your own, customizable web store with built in access to traffic
* Low monthly fees starting at $15.95 a month
* Marketing and merchandising tools to help drive traffic to your eBay Store
* Advanced business tools to help you track and analyze your eBay Store’s performance
* In addition to auction and fixed price listings for 1, 3, 7 or 10 day durations, eBay Store sellers can list in fixed price for 30 days or leave their items up until sold or cancelled – at a reduced fee

See eBay’s tutorial and description of eBay stores here:

Let’s begin by pointing out one of the major advantages of owning your own eBay store…

eBay Store “Me”  or About the Seller Page

Put simply, the “Me” page of your eBay store is your chance to tell your customer about you and your business.

And… It is actually quite a bit more.

There is no better deal in website marketing than the eBay “Me” Page. For the price of an eBay store account you can have one of the most effective online marketing and click producing engines on the planet working for you 24 hours per day.

Here’s the reason:

Trying search engine optimization (SEO)  to get your web page to the top of search engines is almost impossible. Working on your own to get your website e-commerce store to show up could be a long and grueling road.

What if there was some magical way to shortcut all the hard work and get your name to the top of the search engines? There may not be a magic pill for SEO but there is one secret weapon very few business owners consider –  eBay “Me” pages.

Think about it, how many times have you searched for a product and found eBay pages in the results. Let’s look at an example:

Type in, “Dolphin Hat” or any other seemingly obscure product in Google.

The results will invariably include eBay ads on the first page of the results. The seller may not even have a “Me” page and look how well placed the ads are.

Just think how well placed a search engine optimized (SEO) eBay “Me” page would do.

Why do eBay pages rank so highly?

eBay links and pages hold a lot of weight in search engines. eBay pays Google over 4 Billion a year for adword marketing. And eBay has done a majority of the search engine optimization (SEO) work for eBay store owners. All Business Auctions knows how to put that eBay marketing power to work for our clients.

Good design

The first step in search engine optimization (SEO)  for your “me” page and eBay store is good design. Lets say someone clicks on your “me” page which they found in their search for “Dolphin Hats”. If they click on your link and end up on some poorly designed page, they are just going to hit the back button and move on.  You need to coordinate the look of your eBay listing template, the eBay “Me” page and any other eBay pages (My World, etc…) with your website design and they all should look professional.

Adding content

Search engines love fresh content, Adding content without the “Me” page ending up with the look of an encyclopedia is where the skill of our web design department comes in.  Make it fresh and exciting and the search engines will like it, make it interesting and your buyers will love it!

The backbone to any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign is good keywords and phrases. A key word is the term people use to find you through search engines. You probably use them daily with out even knowing it. Almost anything you type into a search engine is a keyword.

Key words and phrases are how search engines know what your website is about and how relevant it is to a search request.

One of the reasons that eBay store owners consider this to be one of the most important pages in their store is because it is the ONLY page that eBay allows you to include links to outside sources on. So, if in addition to your eBay store, you run a website, this is your one chance to direct eBay shoppers to your site. Why is this so desirable? Because when people buy directly off your website, you don’t have to pay eBay’s listing and selling fees. And you can take advantage of cross marketing efforts we will detail for you when you become a client. Or you may check our resources pages on the iBusinessLogic website.

eBay, in conjunction with an eBay store and your own website, present or future, is a whole toolbox full of marketing tools available to any business wise enough to use them.   There are multiple methods of generating traffic to your website or e-commerce outlet and eBay is simply one of those methods.  albeit a very intriguing and profitable one, of utilized in the right fashion.

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