eBay – A Get Rich Quick Idea?

Is eBay really a place to get rich quick?

eBay loves to promote stories of sellers who have made it big on eBay. The entire idea seems to be one of getting home based businesses and micro entrepreneurs excited about joinging the eBay family of sellers. Many solutions providers have geared offerings to focus on these sellers as a niche. So, the question remains… Can just anyone make it big on eBay? The answer is yes! Can they do it as easily and as quickly as eBay and many solutions providers try to promote?

No – Not really.

Everyone needs to be aware of some basic and irrefutable laws of business. Any business person knows that to make it big there will be hard work and a great deal of effort involved. You can not expect to start with the items in your attic or garage, without a real business plan, and become a millionaire. The stuff in your garage is worth less than what you paid for it in most cases, so unless you already spent many millions of dollars on the stuff gathering dust in your garage, you chances of making a million by selling that stuff are very slim. You can learn the basic workings of eBay by selling a few personal items, so it is not a bad idea to start with this approach. But keep in mind that if you have a desire to make a business out of eBay and/or you want to move into an Internet based business model, you will need a solid plan.

Business Plans are somewhat scary to most people. It is hard to consider all that you will need to make a solid business plan. Unfortunately, without one you have very little chance of succeeding where others have failed.

If you are already in business and you have a retail or wholesale or manufacturing business, your chances of succeeding in Internet sales and on eBay are much greater than if you are simply starting from your garage. With sources of supply already in place and with a product knowledge most other eBay retailers will not have, your present business can launch your Internet based/eBay business with a bang!

Think about what you have sold in the past, what you are selling now, or what you have sold for other businesses… This is where you should start, online.

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