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Paypal re: IRS – A "Small Percentage" PayPal Customers Process $20,000.00 Per Year

The following statement “a small percentage of PayPal customers are effected” by this impending IRS & Online sales tax issue,says little for PayPal or eBay as a route to business success . I mean… if the use of PayPal as a business solution to process payments from online sales, is a healthy concern, wouldnt more than a “small percentage” of PayPal users be effected by this IRS fact finding mission?

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eBay Ink Finds A Corporate Employee at eBay with Vision and Communication Skills

There are so many good points in what Alan Lewis says in this one article for eBay, I hope they take notice and ask this man to help them craft their message in the future. These are the kinds of messages everyone involved with eBay needs to hear. Sellers and buyers alike need to know that eBay itself is a huge behemoth of a machine, making changes to one part effects the entire organism

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eBay Live 2008 Chicago- Day One – Whew…Think Twice

eBay Live 2008 is underway… This sign was prominently displayed in the center of the solutions floor… eBay Live… Creating Good? The good was found between the lines for those who looked, since the lines were short, looking was easier than ever. The turnout here has been less than expected and less than predicted by […]

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eBay – Buy.com – Randy Smythe's Blog Scoops Story of "Partnership"

Randy Smythe of “My Blog Utopia” broke a significant story in his blog today.  The story invoves the not so subtle tilting of eBays “Level Playing Field”. If you have not yet read Randy’s blog post, please do so now… eBay Partners With Buy.com Then come back here and watch what Pierre Omidyar (creator of eBay) said in plain, […]

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eBay Ink – New Blog or Same ole eBay? Usher Lieberman Thanks for Trying!

After posting my most recent article about eBay North American GM Stephanie Tilenius and her answers to my Digital Download questions at Catalyst 2008… I wanted to be sure I was not too harsh and had presented the case from a sellers perspective fairly.  I am not an eBay basher and would prefer to work […]

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