The End of eBay: The Rise and Fall of eBay’s Biggest Powerseller


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„We used to trash our old stuff, now we have eBay“ Michael Marcovici had to decide what to do with the rest of the merchandise from his old company. The decision to sell it on eBay led to the rise of the biggest eBay powerseller - the Qentis corporation. His offers on eBay included fork-lifts, dental units, compressors and more than 1000 other products. The Media hyped him up as the worlds' Number 1 powerseller, and invited him to TV shows and printed long Interviews about him. He had more then 60 employees in Vienna; including the ones in the USA and in Far East, there were over 100. He made more then 1,5 Million Euros of turnover every month and sold merchandise from all over the world on eBay platforms around Europe. His warehouse space grew from 400 to more then 200.000 square feet in four years. Investors from Monaco, India, Hong Kong and Austria jumped into his business, but finally they let him down. On the day his company went bankrupt, the eBay stock price dropped by 4% … Read here how Michael Marcovici managed to: -make Qentis eBAy´s biggest Powerseller worldwide -manufacture goods for eBay in 150 factories -design and manufacture more then 500 individual products -make 500.000 successful transactions on eBay -ship more then 1000 parcels every day -pay more then 3 Million US$ in eBay fees -get more then 15 Million US$ in financing -almost get Qentis listed on the London Stock Exchange


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