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Automate Your Wholesale Fashion/Apparel Business with this management software includes order, inventory management and CRM. Imagine an automated management software that cuts your labor in half and lowers labor and operation time. Imagine a management software that frees you from spending your day putting out fires and instead empowers you to concentrate on your businesses’ growth. automates fashion and apparel wholesalers and manufacturers operations including entering sales invoices, inventory management, live sales reports between different departments and more. Use this web-based solution to manage your daily offline business and easily expand to online business without repetitive work.


  • All of your store sales and inventory, manual orders, online orders, and marketplace orders can be entered online and all mployees can check order and stock status in real-time.
  • New styles and sales information can be updated and notified in real-time. Increase your buyers' satisfaction level. Notify new styles, order status and tracking numbers easily by connecting your website.
  • There is no need to download software, web based software can be accessed from office, store, warehouse and/or on the road in real time. Your data will be safe on co-location servers.
  • Collect cash, check, and credit cards as forms of payment. In a matter of a few clicks, you and your customers will complete transactions.
  • Optional features: POS, third party shopping cart integration, mobile commerce, show module, custom website design


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