How to Take Photos Like a Pro for eBay


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How to Take Photos Like a Pro for eBay The Guide to Getting Great Looking Professional Photos for your eBay auctions or web site. In this DVD, Ferdy shows you the tools he uses in his studio, and how he sets everything up. You'll see all the equipment he uses, and the secrets' to getting professional looking photos for eBay, craigslist or other auctions and web sites. How to Take Photos Like a Pro for ebay shows you the step-by-step process to getting amazingly beautiful and professional looking photographs that can help you get more money for your on-line auctions. This DVD shows you how to get exceptional quality photographs of the items you are photographing- opening the door to creating beautiful table top images and what the best simple lighting equipment is to use to get these images. How to Take Photos Like a Pro for ebay covers: * Choosing the right camera - and what to look for to get professional results * Choosing the best lighting equipment for you - even if you're on a low cost budget * A look at several different lighting techniques and the results they produce * Setting up a low cost studio to get pro results * The secret low cost lighting accessory you must have to get photos like the pros - This will amaze you * The importance and proper set ups of backgrounds * Why you never want to use your camera's built in flash * The importance of using the right image editing software - where to get it FREE * The importance of perceived value * See a complete listing... from a tabletop photo shoot to the final listing on eBay * Many inside tips on how to get the best professional photos easily * And much more . . . This is not just an ordinary "How to" course. Others may tell you about photography for eBay in a very basic or vague manor. This DVD shows you step by step so that you can get spectacular results quickly and consistently. Once you view this DVD, you'll know how to take great looking photographs repeatedly and consistantly. One or two ideas from this DVD alone will cover it's cost. There is no better time to have an on-line business. The right lighting and setup for your ebay photos will make the difference between a $.99 sale and possibly a $25.00 (or more) sale. Highly recommended! On DVD. Thank you for this amazing learning DVD AAA++++++++++++++


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