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Need some extra cash (who doesn't)? Have some items just collecting dust around the house and you don't want your neighbors coming around looking at your stuff? Looking for that Amazing Spiderman #17 comic book to complete your collection? eBay can help and this DVD can help you tap all of its resources. The disc consists of over 65 chapters in an easy to follow menu format. Do not get left behind...and keep those neighbors out of your driveway.

This DVD contains the following chapters:

How to Use This DVD, Creating an Account, Advice for Your User ID, Advice on Choosing a Password, Signing on to eBay, If You Forget Your Password, A Glossary of eBay Terms A-E, A Glossary of eBay Terms F-P, A Glossary of eBay Terms Q-Z, Geography of eBay Home Page, Signing up for The Daily Deals, The eBay User Agreement, The eBay Logo, Some eBay Abbreviations, Setting up a Paypal Account, The My eBay Page, Changing Communication Preferences in eBay, eBay Resolution Center, Searching for Items on eBay, Using The Wildcard to Search for Items, Using Shortcuts for Search, Refining The Search Criteria, How to Save a Search, Adding an Item to Your Watch List, Adding an Item to Your Wish List, Adjusting Search Screen, Adjusting Search Preferences, Investigating Sellers, Contacting The Seller, Bidding on an Item, Bidding Stategies, Retracting a Bid, Buying Item, Saved Sellers, Contacting Seller After Purchase, Prohibited Sale Items, How to Help People Find What You are Selling, How to Sell an Item, Geography of an Item Page, Selecting a Category, The Title Field, Reasons to Upload Image, Advice on Item Image, The Item Description, Inserting Images into Description, Types of Listings, Setting The Duration for an Auction, Entering Shipping Info, Shipping Advice, Buying Postage Through eBay, Buying Shipping Through PayPal, eBay Fees, Return Policy Options, Premium Options, Revising a Fixed Price Listing, eBay Fees, When You Sell an Item, Responding to Potential Buyer Inquiries, Should You Open an eBay Store, How to Become a PowerSeller, How to Become a Top Seller, Leaving Feedback for Buyers, More on Leaving Feedback, Advice on How to Garner Positive Feedback, Reviewing Buyer Feedback, Responding to Feedback, Taxes, Reportable Abuses, eBay Community Boards, Creating an About Me Page on eBay Editing Your eBay My World Page & Creating a Free Classified Ad

All the videos on this disk are super high resolution computer screen movies, far superior than you'd get on a normal DVD. For that reason, this disc can be viewed on any computer DVD drive, but not on DVD drives attached to TV sets.

This DVD also comes with an access to a FREE support forum.


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