eBay Fees Calculator with eBay for Beginners Booklet

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Neosentials' eBay Fees Calculator is an easy-to-use analysis software that helps eBay sellers determine which listing features to use, what to charge for their item, and how much it costs to list, receive payment for, and ship items they want to list for sale. The software makes it easy to keep costs under control and make a larger profit. One key feature of the software is that it automates the fee calculation process and warns sellers if they are entering a starting price for the auction that is just above the fee cutoff point. For example, by lowering the starting price by one cent, a seller can save up to $1.20 in listing fees! The eBay Fees Calculator makes it easy to determine costs for any listing feature and edit options for maximum profitability. A popular eBay seller tool, this software has been purchased by hundreds of eBayers- from new sellers to advanced PowerSellers- and has received 100% positive feedback! The free booklet is a great companion to the software for new eBay sellers, and gives information about pricing your items, taking photos, writing a listing, and other hints for successful selling!


  • Calculates all eBay Listing Fees, PayPal Fees, and Shipping Fees
  • Option to export professional cost analysis to MS Excel
  • Simple, friendly user interface
  • Helps eBay sellers save time and money
  • Free "eBay for Beginners" booklet with purchase of software!


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