21 eBay Global Markets – One Inventory – Dream Come True? MerchantRun GlobalLink

Imagine if you will...

One inventory distributed throughout the world on eBay. Efficiently and easily with complete control... Without cross border charges or additional eBay fees. Offering products in Australia, the UK, Germany or Italy when you know they will move in those fantastic markets, all from a single inventory.

Offering your products in 21 global markets around the World from a single standard inventory and managing every product and every market from a simple to use web based console, even if you sell under multiple ebay accounts.

Selling on eBay here in America or throughout the world just got easier with MerchantRun-GlobalLink

  • Would this be an interesting prospect for you as an ebay Powerseller?
  • Does this sound like an expensive and complicated proposition? It is not...

With MerchantRun-GlobalLink these capabilities and more are available and easy to manage in a single low cost solution. We all know selling on eBay can be challenging and exploring worldwide markets with multiple eBay accounts via eBay can be even more intimidating with other solutions, yet doing either with MerchantRun-GlobalLink is makes the process painless.

Manage multiple selling names in as many of eBay's global markets as you wish without duplicating inventory data or managing multiple listing solutions for each market. Know at a glance where your products are selling, where they should be offered and at the same time enjoy the ability to place inventory where it will sell at a moments notice in any market in the World.

All this and a free trial

MerchantRun GlobalLink is all of this and so much more with over 200 included eBay templates, Cross promotion rules, bulk inventory editing, outstanding customer support and free image hosting this product comes as close to the most complete eBay listing management tool yet devised as any I have ever seen. The list of features is almost endless.

iBusinessLogic Corporation is proud to have been selected to represent MerchantRun-GlobalLink in the USA. While the company and it's software have been used by eBay powersellers worldwide for some time, it is relatively new here in the United States. iBusinessLogic recognizes the need for US based sellers to offer product to a global market. With the exchange rate imbalance and an ever tightening market at home, exploring new opportunities abroad could be the difference between profit and loss in the coming year(s).

We have negotiated a special offer with MerchantRun-GlobalLink which includes a free trial in addition to a $24.99 credit against the cost of using the software product. Speaking of costs, we could not imagine them being any lower for a product of this caliber. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hosting charges. MerchantRun GlobalLink only charges when an item actually sells and then the cost is ridiculously low @ 1% of the selling price with a cap at $5.00 per sale.

This is an amazing opportunity for volume sellers and low volume high dollar sellers alike. The cost per sale could not be lower for this time of ultimate convenience and control with software that includes and incredilble Worldwide market opportunity.

Follow any of the links to MerchantRun-GlobalLink to sign up for a free trial today. I think you will be very pleased with how the software will improve the eBay business you currently have.

Full disclosure -

iBusinessLogic represents MerchantRun-GlobalLink in the USA.

The Trading Asssitant Journal is written and edited by Scott Pooler - CEO of iBusinessLogic

Parts of this Article are reprinted from the iBusinessLogic.com/blog

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