What does the NEW Trading Assistant eBay Agreement mean to you? -Humor-

This article is simply intended as a parody. It is not a serious commentary on the new trading assistant program. Please make your own judgements concerning the eBay program. The comments made here are not to be considered as a serious evaluation of this new program.


The new Trading Assistant (TA) program separates the two types of eBay consignment businesses:

  • Pickup (or home based) and...
  • Drop Off (or Drop Store - Now Called REDOL) - The term "Trading Post" is being retired in favor of "Registered eBay Drop Off Location"

Businesses with a drop off location will have to agree to a different set of terms. These terms do not need review, unless you really want to spend a few moments laughing and yucking it up... As the eBay legal department was quite euphoric the day we wrote these new and exciting rules... we were laughing, so should you!                 Read More 

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