Important Changes to the eBay Trading Assistant Program – Action Required

eBay Announces Changes to the Trading Assistant Program:

Our initial evaluation of this "agreement" is underway... I will post our opinions after we have digested the entire "new" program.   I can say that I never received any email from eBay regarding this change and we have been listed in the TA directory since 2001. - Our listing is still in the directory... Yet I received an error message when I tried to sign in which said our user name was not listed as a TA.  Nice Work - eBay...

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Changes to the Trading Assistant Program
Hi Everyone:Tomorrow we will be announcing the re-launch of the Trading Assistant program requirements, directory and benefits. In addition, on January 18, we will be sending this email out to all TAs currently (or formerly) in the program. If you would like to get a jump on it, you may register now, but please let me know of any issues you encounter (or ideas to improve).Important Changes to the eBay Trading Assistant Program - Action RequiredDear eBay Member,On January 15, 2008, we re-launched the Trading Assistant Program with new standards for program members that will deliver many new benefits for your business:• Powerful new search functions to help potential customers find you fast
• An opt-in lead management system to distribute leads directly to you
• A new evaluation system to help showcase your satisfied customers

On February 11, 2008, the old directory will be retired and only those Trading Assistants who've registered for the new program and agreed to the terms of one of two new user agreements will show up in Trading Assistant search results.

Even if you're an existing Trading Assistant or Trading Post, you'll need to register and accept the updated user agreement before February 11th to stay in the program.

Changes to the program

We've made the following changes to improve the customer experience:

Qualification: To qualify, all Trading Assistants on eBay are now required to have an eBay Membership in good standing, a minimum of 100 eBay Feedback (98% positive), and sales of at least 10 items on eBay in the prior 3 months.
Titles: The name "Trading Post" has been changed to "Registered eBay Drop Off Location." Use of the term "Auction" or "Auctioneer" in a Trading Assistant business name, signage, and marketing materials is no longer permitted (unless you are a licensed Auctioneer).
User Agreements: There are two new user agreements; one for Trading Assistants and one for Registered eBay Drop Off Locations (including new insurance requirements).
Profiles: Each Trading Assistant may have only one profile in the directory, but you can now refer potential clients to your own Trading Assistant web site. If you're an Education Specialist you can also link to your profile and classes.
Marketing Materials: The program has a new look with updated logos, customizable collateral, mailers, and business cards--all free and accessible when you register for the new program.

Register now or view the new user agreements and get more information at

For more information about these changes, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. (

We also welcome your ideas and/or concerns on the Trading Assistant discussion board. And again, be sure to register before February 11 to make sure you're included in the new directory!

Sharon Guldner
Sr. Marketing Manager
Help others sell on eBay

Important registration notes:
Before signing in, make sure you are at an official eBay site by checking the url in the address bar ( You will be required to sign into your eBay account to validate your qualifications. From there, you will be directed to a site hosted by American Research Institute (ARI) at Follow the instructions to submit your new profile and agree to the new terms of the user agreement.

*If you reside outside of the United States and you have created a Trading Assistant profile on the U.S. site, this profile will be removed. The new registration and directory will not allow you to re-register as the new user agreements are applicable to residents of the United States only. If you wish to have a profile in the Trading Assistant directory, please create one on the eBay site of your country of residence. For a list of countries that support the program, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (
- Newton

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