New eBay Trading Assistant Agreement – Options for Drop Store Owners

With the advent of the new eBay Trading Assistant (”Registered eBay Drop Off Location” or REDOL) agreement, an already complicated business outlook has just become more convoluted.   

eBay Trading Assistants and Drop Store owners - Franchisee or Non-Franchise... should be evaluating the new eBay Trading Assistant Agreement and determining what the implications are for the future of your business. 

I will refrain from interpreting this new eBay agreement for you, but please become aware of the terms and restrictions involved with proceeding under the new eBay TA agreement.  I suggest you review the terms (see link in the sidebar) with your business advisers and/or legal council prior to determining if joining the new eBay Trading Assistant directory is a business decision you are willing undertake.

Ultimately, for those who do sign the agreement, a small increase in TA business may result due to the culling effect it will have on the present population of TA's listed in the Trading Assistant directory.

If the prospect off initially receiving more than one or two calls per month from the TA directory is a worthwhile benefit in your future business plan...  You may be inclined to simply agree, get listed in the new directory and move forward with your daily business (especially if you are happy with the way eBay has promoted eBay drop stores and TA's in the past)...

Since you've found this blog post, I will assume you are looking for a way to weather the storm and move forward with your trading assistant or eBay drop store business.  Lets look at the options...

  1. Close Up Shop and get a "real" job - This option undoubtedly has been the suggestion of friends and/or family, or resides as a thought in the back of your mind. This is an option, but not a very appealing one. No one wants to believe the work they have done to build a business, successful or not, has all been in vain, no business person who has joined this profession should believe there is no future in it, but what - if anything - else can you do?
  2. Use your eBay store as a retail store for "gift" merchandise or become a mailbox rental & pack - ship location - Many Drop store owners are already doing this and some have been successful at melding the two different businesses into a single one stop location. In reality, I would wager most of you did not go into the eBay business to become a retailer or shipping specialist.  Not that there is anything wrong with either business, you just initially saw great advantages in the whole "own a business without buying inventory" aspect of this thing we call eBay.  You also were not drawn to the business for the glamor of packaging and shipping or for the retail grind of having a store to tend every day.  You originally were looking for something different... Am I right?
  3. Sign the "new" TA agreement and try to continue on... This is an option which has merit, especially if your a franchisee under contract.  First, you may want to change your business name (No Auction or Auctions in your name allowed - anyone have an Auction IT Today franchise?)... i.e. change your signage and lose all of the goodwill you have worked hard for in your community, all of your advertising, all of your promotion and marketing - gone.  You will need a bond to do what you have been doing all along, even if your local laws do not require a bond.  Oh... and you must forget the most profitable "Big Ticket" customer merchandise from that point forward... No more listing customer property in eBay Motors (no motor vehicles-without a dealers license) or Real Estate... Please read the new agreement before just clicking that simple box to be included in the Trading Assistants Directory...
  4. Keep on doing what we have been doing and forget the eBay Trading Assistant Directory - This, I think will be the response of most informed and capable business people in our profession.  I do not suggest this should be your course of action, only you and your council can make that decision... But it may be the only reasonable option going forward and what most TA's and drop store owners will do.

If your view is slightly different than those who wish to continue on as a listed member of the "new" TA directory. If you do not want to shut down your business or give up the most profitable aspects of that business... If you want to use all of the skills, experience, equipment, tools, and eBay trading acumen which make you who you are... Please grant me the liberty to assume that you may be looking for a new plan of action, a way to use all of the experience and knowledge gained since becoming a Trading Assistant and/or owning your own eBay drop store.

What are the details of this "plan"? (I can't release all of the details yet, but here are a few highlights)

  • The plan I propose is simple, unique, and tailor made for this moment in time if you are an eBay TA.
  • You will learn how to make money with all of your experience but without having to list a single "consignment" item on eBay (unless you do so for your own purposes).
  • You will become the local eBay expert and an eCommerce entrepreneur - what you wanted to be in the first place.
  • You will not need to stock merchandise or sell get rich quick schemes.
  • Take advantage the resources and credibility (in fact this is essential) gained while being a trading assistant.
  • No need to close your store or end your TA work. ( if you do not want to...)  
  • No competition - I can guarantee there is not any competition in your existing market - no other company is offering a similar marketing opportunity for TA's, and there is no other company capable of doing so at this time.

I have developed this new professional eBay sales strategy over the last two years for my own business.  My quest began with a few simple questions...

How could I become a niche marketer as a TA? How could I find a niche market to sell on eBay with a source of supply on a consistent basis and not be stuck with stock in inventory which for one reason or another had gone "cold" only to rot on my shelves. We all know, selling a niche product line is the goal of most eBay Powersellers.

How could I put the advantages of being an eBay Trading Assistant (no inventory, no importing, no merchandising, and minimal employees) together with niche marketing?  I am sure most of you have asked these same questions...

Who could I find with access to niche products?

The answer was and is right in front of all of our noses... The answer is so simple you will fall out of your chair, in fact you may have already guessed what the answer is, or you have thought about this source of products before...

This source of supply is no secret, yet no one has tapped into it. This source of untold revenue for experienced eBay sellers is available in every city and town in the world. This resource of niche marketing supply is so simple and so unique and so plentiful that I am astonished no one else has broadcast it to the world. 

Once you join our team or when you contact me for details, I will be happy to share it with you. 

Or Read more here: Internet Business Mentor

Scott Pooler
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