Why an eBay Sales Strategy including eBay Stores – Should be included in any marketing plan

Why an eBay Sales Strategy including eBay Stores - Should be included in any marketing plan

  • Key to a global and local eBay marketing strategy
  • Essential to take advantage of global branding & marketing opportunities
  • Greater exposure for brand & products
  • Increases ancillary sales

 EBay is an amazing venue for online sales and for online advertising.  If your business is looking for the highest return on an online advertising budget, you should consider using the power of eBay.

EBay Stores are an essential part of any online marketing plan.  An eBay store provides exposure which is unrivaled in the marketplace.  With an eBay Store set up correctly through All Business Auctions, you are not only selling product, you are gaining exposure in ways which were unattainable by small businesses until eBay provided this opportunity.

With an eBay store your brand and identity is tied to the products you offer on eBay.  Your buyers will gain confidence in the items you offer because your store on eBay will have a consitent theme and will show you are a real business and not a home based fly by night venture.  With an eBay stores account and our graphic design department the stability of your business will be projected on every item you offer for sale. 
Ebay Stores offer competitive advantages that simple eBay auction style listings lack and as a business you should take advantage of every aspect of eBay and eBay stores. 

Included with any eBay Stores account:

 Multiple eBay web pages available for use and a <!--[if !supportLists]--> <!--[endif]-->Shopping environment which increases consumer confidence.

  • Additional search engine exposure
  • Longer exposure for inventory items
  • Greater access to eBay Express
  • Up-selling opportunities – Increase Ancillary Sales
  • Display all your auction and fixed price listings from your own, customizable web store with built in access to traffic
  • Low monthly fees starting at $15.95 a month
  • Marketing and merchandising tools to help drive traffic to your eBay Store
  • Advanced business tools to help you track and analyze your eBay Store's performance
  • In addition to auction and fixed price listings for 1, 3, 7 or 10 day durations, eBay Store sellers can list in fixed price for 30 days or leave their items up until sold or cancelled - at a reduced fee

See eBay's tutorial and description of eBay stores here:  eBay Stores 

Call All Business Auctions today to have a representative explain our eBay Store set up and marketing plan.

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2 Responses to Why an eBay Sales Strategy including eBay Stores – Should be included in any marketing plan

  1. Ebay Selling Strategy July 1, 2008 at 11:47 pm #

    I completely agree that having an eBay Selling Strategy is critical to your online auction success. So many people try to start an eBay business but have no clue how they are going to do it. However, I am not sure I am in agreement with integrating an eBay store. I think it depends upon your market and product as I don’t think some products do well with an eBay store. I think an eBay store is good slow moving items, but if you have items that will sell fast on auction or BIN listings, I don’t think an eBay store is worth it unless you are using it as a backend product sales to your initial product.

  2. Scott Pooler July 2, 2008 at 12:04 am #

    I think you may want to consider the effect of having product listed in a site with the seo ranking of eBay for more than 7 days at a time. Search engine spiders will not find fixed price or auction listings in that short amount of time, on average.

    A merchant utilizing eBay stores, when set up correctly and filled with relevant keyword rich products will perform better, than a merchant without the $15.00 expenditure.

    Really, what is the resistance to using this easily populated tool, provided by eBay, all about? No one has ever said that if an eBay store is utilized that all items will be listed as stores items, a healthy mix is the key.

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